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If we can assign lens focal length and name for non cpu lenses, ( like using nikon lenses on a canon with an adapter) then I can use this data in post processing to identify what lens was used and which lens profile I should apply for distortion correction.

Nikon has something like this and It saves me to manually write down all the lenses used per shot.

I made a short test clip on Canon 5dmark 3 in 1080p Raw video of flowers debayer in resolve to 4k

I'm sharing the MLV file if you like to try out some grading for yourself


Feature Requests / REC COMMAND via the HDMI trigger 5D Mk3 - Atomos
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:59:31 AM »

Atomos recorders to be triggered to record by a HDMI trigger from the camera called REC COMMAND.

This works fine with the camera set to record h264 video but unfortunately it does not work yet when you're recording RAW.

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