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Hello All I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I am having with Raw video DNGs in After Effects CS5.5. The short version is this:

No matter what I can think to do, After Effects sees and treats my 60D raw footage as native 30fps.


I shoot in 1600x900 resolution mode so I get 134 frame clips on my 60D w/ the ML raw video module. I used the force frame rate option to set the camera at exactly 24fps. These clips should be 5.58 seconds long both on the AE timeline and upon export. Raw2Dng sees the correct 24 frame rate when it is auto-detecting the raw clip settings upon conversion to DNG. For some reason when I drop my converted dng sequence folder onto my project it reads it as 30fps.

Even when i set the project, sequence and render queue to 24fps, the software still treats the files as native 30fps and therefore plays the 24fps material back at the higher speed creating an unnatural jerky (almost old movie looking) motion.

Further evidence is the fact that the clips in the timeline are only 4.12 sec long:

Finally, I can see the problem is with after effects because when I use the newer version of Raw2Dng that automatically creates a prores file upon conversion, that prores plays back at 24fps and has natural motion and the full 5+ second runtime. The problem with this automatic prores file is that it doesn't have any pre-color/WB/etc correction so it is only usefully for a check file.

How can i get AE to read the files correctly and treat them at 24fps and render/export/playback at the correct speed? Thank you in advance!


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