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Shot on my trusty 5D2 using ML2.3, intervalometer (shooting CR2) as well as FPS override (shooting h264 MOV). I've recently started testing the RAW video builds (inspired by the work of Africashot!)... using 20130524 build I can only get a minimum FPS override of 1.5 fps before jitter and corruption rears its ugly head at 1.0 fps. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who is mainly interested in ML RAW for timelapse projects... the DNGs are definitely a step forward for the way I work on some scenes. The ability to import DNGs into Lightroom and apply exposure tweaks, grad filters etc, is fantastic. The DNGs also do away with my hot pixels in h264 output (strange). But finding the right combination of ML settings to maximize results is a bit hit and miss at the moment... anyone else got some results/thoughts/comments?

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