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Feature Requests / Crop in FRSP
April 26, 2020, 03:14:12 PM
Is this possible? Say, saving only the central 50% crop when shooting with full resolution silent picture? This could be used for example for 8mm film scanning (frame by frame, with a macro lens), where the full sensor resolution is an overkill, plus one can only fit ~2 minutes of 8mm film on a 64GB card.
Academic Corner / Extreme macro with ML
April 19, 2020, 01:06:30 PM
All done with ML using FRSP and (focusing rail of my design). Typically between 50 and 200 shots per stack.

Sanding paper:
Sanding paper 20:1 macro by SyamAstro (750,000 views - thank you!), on Flickr

CPU pin:
Extreme macro at 20x by SyamAstro (750,000 views - thank you!), on Flickr

Ant's head:
Extreme macro at 20x by SyamAstro (750,000 views - thank you!), on Flickr

Lady's watch:
Time machine by SyamAstro (750,000 views - thank you!), on Flickr

Untitled by SyamAstro (750,000 views - thank you!), on Flickr
I am trying to use the ML's focus stacking feature (along with full resolution silent picture, FRSP) to automate photogrammetry (making 3D models from lots of photos of the object from different angles) for small objects (where the DoF is too narrow, and one has to use focus stacking for each angle of the camera). This is operated by my own 3D Scanner gadget based on Arduino:

The official code for the 3D Scanner only supports continuous shooting mode (the platform with the object continuously rotates, while camera is taking pictures with the flash used to freeze the motion). I recently modified the code, and now it can be used in a non-continuous fashion: it turn the platform a bit, then stops, and half-presses the camera's shutter button to do the shot, then it tuns again and so on.

This works fine with regular shooting (with no focus stacking). It would also work with focus stacking - if only I could figure out how to trigger ML's focus stacking from my Arduino gadget. Right now the gadget can operate half-press (AF pin) and full press (shutter pin), via opto-couplers.

Now I am stuck. I already discovered that focus stacking works great with FRSP. (One twist was that I had to set Step Wait to "off" in Focus Settings to make it work.) But I can't figure out how to trigger focus stacking from Arduino. The stacking can be triggered with the Set, Play, and Left Arrow buttons, but none of them can be controlled remotely. If I half-press the shutter button while the cursor is pointing at the Run Focus Stack option, the camera takes the regular FSRP photo, no focus stacking happens.

Is there a trick or special setting (either in ML, or camera's menu) I can use to enable remote triggering of focus stacking? If not, perhaps there is an easy ML code fix to make this happen? (For example, when the cursor is pointing at the Run Focus Stack option, Half-Press button is reassigned from triggering FRSP to starting a focus stack.) Or may be a simple Lua script can do this?

BTW my camera is Canon 6D mk1. I am using the latest stable ML version (from July of this year).

Thanks for any advise!
I have just ordered an external audio recorder (Zoom H1), and for the first time will seriously look into the ML's video option on my 50D. I suspect the biggest problem will be to achieve good audio sync. It occurred to me that perhaps ML can implement a new feature which would once and for all fix this issue for 50D videographers: make the camera emit a loud and short beep when the video recording button is pressed on the camera - ideally with the ability to fine-tune the delay between the video start and the beep. Then the sync could be easily achieved in video editing software, by matching the peak on audio waveform with the start of the clip.

Is it possible?

I always found it very annoying that the most accurate (albeit slow) way to focus on my 50D  - using LiveView AF - can only be engaged by pressing the AF-ON button at the back of the camera. This pretty much fails when you try to do it with either long telephoto lenses (>100mm) or using macro lenses - even with a sturdy tripod, the camera shakes so much when you are pressing the AF-ON button that the focus is often not accurate. E.g., when using the new feature of Magic Lantern - dot-tune lens calibration - the very crucial first step (putting lens in exact focus) - fails for me with my 135mm and 200mm lenses, because of too much shaking.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to trigger LiveView AF using my remote shutter control, but it only works with the phase-detect AF, not with Live View AF. Apparently, many Canon cameras suffer from this deficiency: . For 50D at least there is one option - to tether camera to a laptop with Canon remote shooting software (but that defeats the purpose for using ML), but apparently even this option is not available for other cameras (Rebels).

Is it possible for ML to map AF-ON button to the half-press shutter button? That would make it possible to do LiveView AF using remote shutter control.