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Son of Batch is back! Son of Batch MLV

Drag files from source list to batch list or doubleclick.
Tab to show preview - scrub MLV
Set in and out points
Set white balance
Select ProRes quality
Click "Submit" to launch batch script
Press return to launch MLRawViewer from Son of Batch for realtime previews.
Click "?" for help

Tested on Mac OS 10.7.5

Please comment!


You can now preview RAW files and DNG sequences. Set in and out points, before conversion.
Newest raw2dng with HDR for 5D3 and stripe correction.

ML Topic:

Spanning not working yet because of problems with raw2dng.

Hope you like it,

Son of Batch is an app I made which uses raw2dng,dcraw and ffmpeg to batch process Magic Lantern .RAW files. It does dngs, backups and proxies. It shows a preview frame of the RAW files for easier selection. No file spanning yet. It's not perfect and early alpha, but I hope it's useful. Mac OS X (10.6.8 + up) only unfortunately.
I'd like to hear your feedback and bug reports.
Huge thanks to the Magic Lantern team.
Big Update: You can preview RAW files and DNG sequences and set In+Out points!
Spanning will be added, RAW2DNG seems to have problems with it right now.
Please give me some feedback!
UPDATE, many bugs fixed!
Usage: drag one or more files from the source list to the output queue or doubleclick files in the source. Then set in an out points.
You can select a file in the output queue and click on the right half of the info. This lets you change white balance and fps (fps can only be changed for DNG sequences, not RAW files).
Have fun!


New Version 7/30:

New Link:

--check out our t-shirts on

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