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General Help Q&A / Reinstall ML every time I turn on camera?
« on: October 15, 2012, 01:32:43 AM »

I am new to Magic Lantern.

I just installed ML on my Canon 7D. The displays and info came up on the screen, life was good. I shot some video and I love the spot luma meter, waveform, lens and distance info. I shut the camera off, leaving the card in. But, when I turned the camera back on, ML did not show up in the display. Do I need to reinstall the firmware/ML every time I turn the camera on?

When the CF card is full, I usually shut the camera off, before removing the card.

I installed the ML folder and the Canon FIR file into the root directory on the card. I formatted the card before installing ML, making sure that there was nothing else on the card. is it possible that the ML file is corrupt, i.e. missing data/bad copy?

I reformatted the card in the camera and ML does not show up. Do I need to reinstall the firmware and ML every time I reformat? The ML folder is still on the card. This was after shutting down the camera and re-starting it.

My questions are as follows:

1) Do I need to reinstall the latest firmware with the ML files every time I turn the camera on?

2) If I have images/video on the card and I re-insert the card, will I need to re-install the firmware every time I start the camera? will this corrupt the image files?

3) Do I need to install ML on every card and install the firmware, every time I change cards?




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