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Raw Video / Max horisontal resolution in regular RAW mode
« on: June 25, 2013, 12:24:32 AM »

Is 1920 the maximum horizontal resolution we can expect in regular RAW mode?
I see vertical resolution can be increased above 1080p to eg. 1152.

Reason I ask is due to software image stabilization (SIS) in post. We can film in 2048x1152 in crop/zoom (5x) mode, but this means my wideangle lenses becomes normal lenses. But of course in general there will be more need for SIS when using normal to tele lenses, but would be nice to be able to record 2048x1152 in regular mode so that I get SIS also on my WA glass.

The 24-70 II 2.8 on my 5D3 in 2048x1152 in regular RAW mode would be awesome.

If we could record at 2048x1152 @24fps (94-95MBsec) it would give us 4%-6% room for software IS, which should be enough for most cases. And then we could get an awesome stable image without loosing resolution from 1920x1080 point of view.

Is higher resolution than 1920x1080 in normal RAW mode possible if CF cards become faster, or CF to SATA,  RAW to SAS becomes a reality?

Feature Requests / [ALREADY DONE] 5D3 - 1/24 shutter in 24fps movie
« on: May 26, 2013, 09:37:42 PM »
Hi, I have both a 5D2 and a 5D3 running ML! (And a 1DX waiting for ML!!) ;)

There is a feature I am missing on the 5D3, which is available on the 5D2.

The feature I am missing is 1/24 exposure (shutter) when shooting movie in 24fps/23.976fps.
On my 5D2 I can choose 1/24 shutter when filming in 24fps/23,976, but on the much more powerful 5D3, we cannot, why?
On the 5D3 we are limited to maximum of "only" 1/25.6 shutter in 24/23.976fps.
The strange thing is that when shooting movie in 25fps on the 5D3, we are able to choose 1/25 shutter/exposure, so it seem is not a hardware limitation on the 5D3 limiting the max (longest) shutter at 24fps.

The reason I am missing this is I am filming a lot in the dark (auroras/astro), and now with the breakthrough of RAW video, it would be particularly nice to have 1/24 exposure also on the 5D3 as we have on the 5D2, since the 5D3 has much better ISO performance. When doing my work, I am almost always underexposed (exposed to the left), so every single thing which can help me bring the exposure more to the right (without relying on levels/exosure adjustment alone) is wanted and appreciated! In this case, extending exposure time from 1/25.6 to 1/24 will help.

I know it's not a massive difference from 1/25.6 - 1/24, but would be nice to squeeze the most juice as possible out of the 5D3, particularly when this is possible on the 5D2.

So, can we expect the nice option of 1/24 shutter when filming in 24fps will be possible soon on the 5D3 also??


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