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Thought I would share my trials with the Atomos Ninja Blade.

The Blade is a great high resolution monitor in its own right with a nice recording function built into boot. This makes showing clients what you have just shot easy. It also allows for the creation of proxy files with sound if you hook up a mic or send the headphone out from the Canon (Mini Jack). This makes post a great deal easier as when you have your Raw files and external sound its a pain in the ..... to sync the files manually. Having the proxy files with sound synced up already allows you to use PluralEyes to match your raw footage and external sound. There, much faster!

I also use an Okii MC1 That I Picked up cheap on Eebay, this works as a usb trigger to start and stop recording, It works great with the 5D mkiii without magic lantern running but won't start the Blade when ML is running, the 5D starts recording raw but the signal doesn't seem to get to the Blade to tell it to start

If any of the Devs are reading this do you know why the HDMI signal to start the Blade doesn't function when ML is running?

Here are 2 other pics of the shoulder a rig and also the OKii MC1

P.S. These rig are just for testing to see if I can get things working how i want, so yes Im aware I have a Battery Grip and and Anton Bauer Dionic 90 hooked up. I don't have all the cables needed to run everything off the Dionic 90 at the moment, when I do though hopefully it will go all day!
Ordered one of these to see if I could do 1080 30p, initial tests seem to say no, below are the benchmarks.

To compare, my Lexar 128GB 1000x

Will do more testing after work tomorrow, I haven't done much ML stuff in a while, been using 1080 24p and been working flawlessly on an old build.
Having Magic Lantern allow me to shoot Raw video has been a christmas present come early. You never really understand until you actually experience it yourself.  The post production possibilities with raw lead me to believe I have an opportunity at creating much more professional work. Weather or not I can pull it off remains to be seen ;) I do know however that recording time is very limited and big, fast, reliable CF cards that record 1920 x1088/1080 are expensive.

In the event that some of the lovely people who are working on an SSD solution get it to work this might not be too important, but for now I thought I would share my workflow.

I have a professional shoot that Im going to be working on and that gives me a lot of headaches.

CF Cards, a Lexar 128Gb x1000 only holds around 30 mins (I am lucky I have two for this project)

The time to dump the CF card to my Macbook pro via USB2 is over 1 hour

The card's cost a fortune, so buying a third or fourth is out of the question

So how can I recycle the cards quicker?

I'm not taking any credit for this build as it wasn't mine, however It does work and it cuts the transfer time by over 1/3rd.

It's late here and I really need to spend some of the evening with my wife, so please hold tight for pictures of proof of concept, I will upload some screenshots and pictures in the morning (PST) and edit the post.

Using this set up (below) I was able to dump 128Gb from the CF card to my HD in just under 20 minutes, thats nice compared to over 1 hour for USB2.

I'm guessing that this is probably the fastest available CF card reader on the market and I'm happy with it! I can confirm it works, I ordered it all from a retailer with a 30 Day guarantee!

Next Projects....

Highpoint Esata 6Gb/s hub and PCI-E card to test some more streamlining options of the workflow, now wouldn't that be nice if we get SSD's to be the native format.

Side Note,

Does anyone know if ACR is using Multi core processing power? Please let me know. My next thought is how do we improve the time it takes to convert the DNG's to TIFF's. Right now, it takes the same time for my quad core MacBook Pro and my i7-990X Hackintosh 6 core running at 4Ghz whats up with that?