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Reverse Engineering / Finding AE sensors
« on: August 31, 2013, 07:50:28 PM »
Well I need some help with reverse engineering.
I want to find brightness sensors in viewfinder.
If we found it we can implement ETTR in shooting mode or "auto exposure compensation" as I call it. I will describe it later.

There is a few ways how to find it. I choose debug flag.
After some research with nanomad I found that AE_VALUE is probably set in function copyOlcDataToStorage.
Nanomad says that function copies computed AE_VALUE from Toshiba MCU.
So my first step is find the address from is the data copied. I tried to set debug flag here, but it doest work, my flag wasn't triggered. There is some reasons why:
I spy wrong address (maybe I have ROM image wrong loaded)
AE_VALUE is set somewhere else
g3gg0 iirc some cameras permanently cleared the ICACHE in PwrMgr task, not sure if this is the case on 5D2

So please could anybody spy this?
Code: [Select]
LDRB            R0, [R8,#2]      ; R8 is what we need
STRB            R0, [R9,#0x1D]   ; 0x1D is struct offset of AE_VALUE

use this

Modules Development / DSLR Arkanoid (
« on: August 23, 2013, 02:28:12 PM »
The second game for ML is called DSLR Arkanoid
Try it in LiveView!

Download Source  Buy me a beer  :)

General Development / Button manager
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:13:48 PM »
Well, I want to implement to autoexpo module "attach button to" feature. But for future there could be some conflicts with other modules so I think there could be some button manager.

Some example:
if ((screen is off OR info screen) AND autoexpo_running) map speed dial to autoexpo exposure compensation
if (lv AND video mode) map left button to some custom defined action
if (lv AND raw_rec_enable) map set to raw_rec

I thing we should define these states:
lv - photo / video mode
info screen
screen off
play mode
not menu (we do need remap menu buttons ?)

send me you feedback and could you suggest some API? is this good idea?
Above that users can remap it to whatever.

Forum and Website / Modules board
« on: August 07, 2013, 01:25:13 PM »
Please make one board for modules only (except raw* modules).

I discover how to get brightness value so I implement new automatic exposure algorithm based on predefined curves.
It's like a real 'P' where you actually program what you want the camera to do depending on the light.

Autoexpo is based on APEX system
Tv minimum
sets the minimum shutter value
Av range
sets aperture range, if it not match with current lens, it doesn't matter, it will be compensated with shutter
Av curve
by main dial you set point where will start aperture decreasing (in BV value)
speed dial sets how much will be aperture decreased, it sets the slope (minus EV per one BV)
ISO range
100 - 25600 make sure that you set correct ISO range (you can set this values via Canon ISO menu), otherwise you can get incorrect exposure. It also solves the 5D2 auto ISO bug, where is ISO hardcored to 400.
ISO curve
by main dial you set point where will start ISO increasing (in BV value)
speed dial sets how much will be ISO increased, it sets the slope (plus EV per one BV)
on the X axis is light (Brightness Value)
on Y is shutter (Time Value), aperture (Aperture Value), ISO (Speed Value) and EC (Exposure Compensation)
on the left you have bright scenes on the right dark
here is a few BV values you can get:
16   light sand or snow
16 - 13   daylight
13 - 8   cloudy, shade
8 - 1   Indoor
> 1   low light
-12   complete darkness
full list
graph shows what combinations will be used depending on light conditions (on BV)
last BV value of current scene is marked with the cyan line
shutter value is computed dynamically as BV - AV + SV - EC

Download Source  Buy me a beer  :)

Porting to other cameras

Merged to a_d_'s builds


+ selecting, deleting, playing
+ movie files are separated into 3.7GB chunks -> unlimited recording
+ raw rec is enabled by default
+ global redraw and auto wb is turned off while recording (hacked mode)
+ advanced cropmarks, that cover all outside recording rect
+ start recording by pressing joy center not LV

- playback frame skipping

Know bugs
- you have to restart your camera to refresh Canon's used bar in format menu
- before playback you have to set correct dimensions of video

What is not tested
- zoom mode
- sound rec
- panning mode

4GB+ on Win
copy /B file1+file2 destfile
copy /B M0000000.RAW+M0000000.RAW002+M0000000.RAW003... OUT.RAW

4GB+ in Totalcmd
rename M0000000.RAW to M0000000.RAW001
then use totalcmd's built-in feature "join files" under file menu

4GB+ on Mac
cat file1 file2 > destfile
cat M0000000.RAW M0000000.RAW002 M0000000.RAW003... > OUT.RAW

Not having 5D2?
Well, there is no big difference between original and this module.
You can try it - no warranty!
But there is hardcored 3.7GB limit.

a.d.'s ML

Download the newest raw2dng, that can process big files

Error: This ain't a lv_rec RAW file
Is mostly cause by older version of raw2dng


Thanks to all ML people!
No warranty!

Please help me implement 4GB+ support to raw2dng

Scripting Q&A / Get bright reference from spot meter
« on: April 26, 2013, 07:04:08 PM »
Is this possible? I want to make own auto ISO algorithm.
If not, can we read exposure compensation in manual mode, that shows the over/under exposure?

Not in live view.

Feature Requests / A few ideas - ML on demand, ISO range
« on: August 30, 2012, 06:38:13 PM »
When using ML on 5DmkII I found a few ideas..
There's it in order of importance:

Magic Lantern on demand
Recently there was problem with long loading with 32GB+ memory cards.
It's because bootflag stops loading default firmware and wait for initialize card so that can load ML.
There's a solution, change meaning of bootflag. Camera with bootflag normally will loaded default firmware but there will be an option, when you press e.g. LV button it will immediately loaded ML.
Btw: loading ML on 5DmkII with 64GB CF card takes 4 seconds even if you press SET button. Default firmware is  loaded in less then 1 second... This is key feature if you want shoot snapshot with installed ML.

Configurable ISO range
By default on 5DmkII is iso range from 100-3200. It really want to change this setting like on Nikons with option min shutter speed.

FPS override controlled by video settings
I found that by choosing different video setting I can affect actual FPS settings.
PAL max 27.137fps and NTSC 31.055fps. There can be possibility to modify video settings to achieve more fps.

Attach ML settings to custom modes 1 2 3

Make the audio meters to 90db
To monitor noise floor...

No sound notice
Some notice that you have unplugged input...

BTW: thanks for ML 2.3 version with full support od 5Dmk2, it's great

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