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I own a Rode NTG-1 with XLR and a 5Diii is in the mail somewhere... I have been filming with a 60D and ML a lot, but no RAW since the RAW capabilities of the 60D are limited.

Up until recently the ML RAW video did not have audio, but i read that the newer MLV format contains audio. I haven't tried it yet, no 5Diii yet, ... but i guess you will still have to manually sync the WAV after processing the DNGs. How good is the MLV audio compared to the H.264 audio?

What would be a good setup which i could use with the 5Diii, both for when filming RAW and filming H.264? I have not enough money to buy two setups.

(1) an external recorder such as a Zoom.
PRO: always good audio
CON: when i film in H.264 it's because i would not want too much hassle in post-production. when i use an external recorder, i would again have to manually sync the audio, and this would be cumbersome because the audio and video have different in- and out-points.

(2) a pre-amp with XLR into the 5Diii such as JuicedLink
PRO: easier post-production
CON: i have no idea how good the MLV audio is.

(3) a dedicated DSLR mic such as Rode Video Mic (PRO)
PRO: easier post-production
CON: i have no idea how good the MLV audio is.
CON: i cannot use my XLR mic which is better than the Video Mic.

I have heard that people use the Zoom as an pre-amp for the DSLR, but have no idea if this would be just as good as a JuicedLink.

Any suggestions?

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