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General Help Q&A / Record WAV only
« on: August 21, 2013, 06:25:58 AM »
Is it possible to only record WAV? I'm shooting on RED Epic for a project but due to Varispeed there will be no audio available. I do not own a audio recorder and to keep the budget down I thought of recording audio into a 5Dmk3 instead which should support "timecode" - even with drift in mind it should be very easy to sync in post.

If not possible - I could record at a very low resolution (24fps to keep audio in sync) to keep the filesize down, correct?

As a last resort I could go out and rent a Zoom H4N - This should also have an internal clock with the "recording time" as a timecode.

Can anyone tell me if I'm being stupid or if it's actually do-able?

(This is to record interviews at a music event - crystal clear audio is not expected and a DSLR audio should be good enough, right?)

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