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I updated the system to Monterey 12.6 and everything works now.

you need codec for it.. imo

Isn't a Mac supposed to read these natively? I also installed Apple Pro Video Formats 2.2.4, no luck

By the way, I do not have Premier or FCP installed. If I put the video in a folder the quick preview in the Finder window allows me to play the video, but again it;s when i double click on it to read it in QT and Resolve that don't work.

Put up file for testing.

The exported file? What's an anonymous file sharing solution?

Hi All
This is my first post.

Back in 2018 i shot some RAW footage of a DIY project with my 5D III. The mlv tools were primitive then so i put the project on the back burner. Now that I have a powerful Macbook Pro M1 Max and I discovered MLV App, sieving through the massive files is a breeze.

But I have an issue. I wanted to use MLV App to export in prores 4444. When I do the video fails to load in the Finder quick preview, and if I try to play it in Quicktime the image is black and you can just hear the audio track.
Davinci Resolve cannot read the videos either, it displays a red icon for the video and you just hear audio.

I used the Apple Silicon release of MLV App, MLV.App.v1.14.macOS-ARM64.dmg

and I think I exported with the default settings:
Apple ProRes 4444
ffmpeg Kostya
Debayer: Recepit configuration ( but I also tried 'force AMaZE')
Everything else OFF, antialiasing OFF
Export Audio ON
Post Export None.

Footage was shot with these settings:
23.976 fps
12 bits uncompressed
audio: 2 channels 48000kHz

Has anyone succeded in using Prores 4444?

Thanks In Advance

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