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Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on April 21, 2023, 08:07:50 PM
Focus pixels maps for crop mood are ready:
(Full quote removed by Mod)

I would like ask what is Focus pixels maps, how to use. Thanks!

I like this 5.2k mode, which is fantastic!

Camera: Canon 100d
Lens: EF 85mm f1.4 L IS

Thanks, BilalFakhouri!

Magic Lantern Eos100d raw video 2.8K

Camera: Canon 100d
Lens: EF 24-70mm DI VC USD G2 & Helio 55mm f2

Thanks, BilalFakhouri!
Hi, my eos100d 2.8K 1:1 should be 10-bit lossless simultaneously, same with crop mode; if not, it can only be for 2 seconds, and 3k 1:1 cannot be shot and viewed in real-time. Thank you!
Pay money. I hope 5d3 is future!
Quote from: mlrocks on April 05, 2023, 06:49:55 PM
How can 5D3 5.7k have alias? 5D3 has no line skipping.
5.7k anamorphic mode will have a Jagged sensation when the shot wide angle landscape. Thank you!
Share Your Videos / 5d mark iii 3.8k cooking time
April 05, 2023, 12:45:53 PM

Now I've realized that the 1:1 picture quality of the ML 3.8K is the most delicate. The previous 5.7K video indeed had aliasing, especially for wide-angle shots with a lot of scenery. I enjoy capturing these life moments. Canon makes even simple ingredients look good in colour, even though they are just small clips edited together.
Reverse Engineering / Re: LiveView Investigation
April 02, 2023, 05:52:22 AM
Is There some new AI technology that can help to develop ML?
I believe you can do it Bilal, and I hope the day will quickly come true, hope eos 100d the 3k 1x1 will get a long time for every shot! because I am keener on 1x1 mode than ever!

Hello everyone, this video includes my 5d mark iii every I used setting, it is a long video, check every detail.

Thanks for watching!

Camera: 5d mark iii
Lens: Tamron EF 24-70mm f2.8 VC
ML: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2022Apr07.5D3123
DaVinci export.

Thanks for watching!

Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: EF 35mm F2 IS
1x1 mode: 2880x1200

5.7k Raw video: 5760 × 2340
Camera: 5d mark iii
Lens: TAMRON EF 24-70mm f2.8 G2
ML: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2021Apr01.5D3123

Thanks for watching!

5.7k Raw video: 5760 × 2340
Camera: 5d mark iii
Lens: EF 24-105mm f4-5.6mm IS, EF 70-300mm f4-5.6mm IS ii
ML: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2021Apr01.5D3123

Thanks, for watching!

Camera: 5d mark iii
Lens: EF 24-105mm f4-5.6 is STM
ML: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2022Apr07.5D3123
DaVinci export.

Thanks for watching!
It looks pretty good film-looking!
Good job!

Thanks for Bilal!

Camera: Canon 100d
Lens:EF35mm f2 is
UHD 4K Crop mode: 3840x2160

Thanks for watching!
Thank you very much! Yes, I used MLV to process&edit and then used DaVinci.
Share Your Videos / Autumn day EOS 100d 3k raw video
October 03, 2022, 05:12:30 PM
Autumn day EOS 100d 3k raw video.

Camera: Canon 100d
Lens:EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 is ii
3K 1x1 Crop mode: 3072 X 1308

Thanks Bilal!

Beautiful colour and good film feeling!
I like the slow motion which is perfect!
Hello there

What means 280MHz?
New sd hack?

240MHz hack most high speed can not help 5D mark iii 14bit 3k 3.3k 3.5k 4k,

just Benchmark show high speed,high speed just used in 1920 1080 and full 5760.

100d 3k 14bit also can not use high speed more.
My 5D mark iii 3k 3.3k 3.5k UHD 14bit or 12bit can't more than 77mb(SD) at 240MHz.
Global draw off

1920 1080 mode can achieve 90-100mb(SD),CF is 61mb.
Global draw off

5760 3240 anamorphic fullres mode can achieve 117mb(SD)
CF is 61mb.
global draw off

write is 95mb
read is 72.5mb
Global draw On

All mode 12bit or 10bit can record more times.

I used Sandisk micro sd 128G V30 A2,
CF card is Sandisk 128G Ext pro 160mb

Thank you!
My 100D 3K can record more than 20-30seconds now with new 240 MHz.

Before I just only can record less than 5-10 seconds.

Good job Bilal!
Thank you for your work!
Share Your Videos / Re: Runway Models video
August 30, 2022, 03:15:05 AM
It looks pretty good!