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Thank you A1ex for looking into the logs and Names_are_hard for guiding me. It is a hardware problem and nothing related to ML. Before I replaced the shutter components I tried this fix from Youtube. A WARNING: You can damage your camera by inserting the battery before all moisture is out of the electronics. I left mine over night to make sure all the alcohol was evaporated. DO NOT create a new problem for your camera.

It worked, a true miracle, what a blessing. The half-shutter click is now working. Everything is functional like both of you had pointed out as the issue.
I have learned lots and glad I am able to keep using ML on this camera.
Thank you again
I also would like to know how the logs are used for troubleshooting. I have searched ML site, this forum and Google, but cannot find how to use the LOGs.
Really appreciate the help from the community.
If someone could help me understand how to use the logs to troubleshoot, I would greatly appreciate that.
I have both of the DM-0000.LOG files. How should I put them in the chat?
Is there a way to attach files or make the LOG information better to post? I could not find help to figure that out.
If someone could tell me how to use the LOG files to understand the possible problems with My T5i, I would greatly appreciate that. I have searched in the forum and on Magic Lantern site to find information about using the LOG files, but cannot find the needed help.
I was mistaken. Those files are from my ML card. Those were created on August 23. I put the files from the StartUp Log link on a different SD card and started the camera, but it would not record a LOG file.
The light only blinked for a few seconds, like it normally reads the SD card. I don't know what it would have gotten on the log files.  It created a CRASH00.LOG and a LOG000.LOG. Can I use these to further investigate?
I could not find how to read the LOG files. Below is the feed from them

ASSERT: pDialog != NULL
at ./Dialog/Dialog.c:1098, task debug_task
lv:1 mode:0

debug_task stack: 1bdd10 [1bdde8-1bbde8]
0x0008AA1C @ 8b8c8:1bdd50
0x00001900 @ ff4b7c94:1bdd48
0x0007EF78 @ 7f19c:1bdd10

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2018Jul03.700D115
Mercurial changeset   : 7a3b5fa3f4c6 (unified) tip
Built on 2018-07-02 22:18:41 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 175K + 3378K

Here is a video of starting the T5i, moving to video setting and getting the menu to open, running the firmware update, which starts ML. Allow to stay running for over 60s. Showing the buttons only work in certain situations. Restarting the T5i to see if ML is uninstalled. ML still loaded.

When I wait the 60s after installing, i never get the uninstalling message. And when i reboot the camera ML is loaded, so the boot flag is still set. Is there a way to drain the internal battery so the camera needs to be reloaded?
I have been unable to
Use the Format Card option to remove ML from the card. When I format ML is still there on restart.
Select the Firmware update option and remove ML that way. It always says ML is already installed, restart the camera.
Was the reinstalling ML to get it to uninstall?  I would like to uninstall but the option does not appear for me. If you could help me get it uninstalled that would be great.
I tried starting with no card in and clearing the settings. Then re-installing ML, waiting 60s then restart. Same results with buttons.
no change in operations after waiting 60s and restarting
I have been unable to
Hold the set button to stop ML from loading
Use the Format Card option to remove ML from the card. When I format ML is still there on restart.
Select the Firmware update option and remove ML that way. It always says ML is already installed, restart the camera.

right now I need a way to reset the camera's ROM to something that does not ML on it.
I have tried uninstalling ML from the camera and the firmware update process just keeps saying "ML already installed" BootDisk flag is set. How can i remove the bootdisk flag if ML will not uninstall?
I found that I can get to review my photos, if I go into video mode, get the menu to show and they press the review button. All buttons work for reviewing photos. I upgraded my firmware to 1.1.5 and buttons still not working correctly. ML still is functioning. I get the lens information, zoom preview in live preview (only in video mode).
Auto focus does not work or 1/2 press shutter button, but i can take photos (very limited abilities)
I used ML on my T5i for 3 weeks just find. A few days ago the buttons stopped working. ML still boots up. I see the information, but I cannot get a response from any buttons. No opening menus, preview, live view, Q, etc. I was able to get into the canon menu by turning to video mode and moving the dial around and quickly pressing the Menu button. This allowed me to format a new card, try to reload ML and finally downgrade my firmware to 1.1.4. The downgrading of firmware did not help the button problem. I am trying to understand how ML caused the buttons to not work and a firmware change did not fix. Does ML change internal code?
Does anyone know how I can revert the camera back to original, so I can install the firmware?
thanks for the help
I figured out that if I put the camera in video mode and changed the dial I would get the live view for the video to show up. I then changed the dial from P to Auto and pressed the menu button. The menu showed up. This was the only way I could get the menu to appear. I am now going to load the firmware again and see if it will restore the camera to proper operation.