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I pointed out the first page flaw as well, over ten days ago...
Seems the moderator doest like me enough to post my question "where did the file go?" as I kept getting a 404 error when I tried using the link.

I confirm a 128Gig 1066x Lexar card works on my 5DmkII, use it a lot for these huge mlv files,  if you get a 256G wouldn't mind knowing if it works or not.

Full width 5.6k 16x9 A.R. , 4K Anamorphic 3x1, 1x3,  UHD 3K Plus 10-12bit Full HD ,
this is the latest build as things process I'll keep updating this post

See below short video on how to enable 48fps 3x3 preset

Jan 5 2020
Experimental build:5632x3124 @ 3.8fps
This a 1:1 pixel 5632x3124 @ 3.8fps , Very eXperimental you need at least a 1066x CFcard for this .
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Shoot, tried to download this version...
I get this: "That link has no power here" and the link data in the browser tab says 404....

Am I being blocked from load or has it been pulled?
I blame wuhan virus! ;)

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