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General Help Q&A / Why Can't I Shoot Raw on Canon 700D (Magic Lantern)?
« on: October 08, 2019, 05:19:01 AM »

I currently own a Canon 700D. I was informed that installing Magic Lantern can allow me to shoot RAW footage, which is all I ever wanted. The SDHC card being used is the SanDisk Ultra that reads/writes 80MB/s. In theory, and on paper, according to Magic Lanterns comparison table, I should be able to continuously shoot at max res in 24 frames, but I am so frustrated and hopeless because every time I try to shoot, it stops the recording after a mere 5 seconds and prompts me that a frame has skipped, or teases me by saying it stopped "automagically".

I tried lowering the bitrate, the frame rate, the resolution, the ratio, and some other settings, and yet I still can't record.

Please, does anyone know how I can record RAW footage that is clean and continuous on my Canon 700D, because apparently it can be done?

Thank you very much.

Also, my write speed is 11.1MB/s, which is terrible, so I was wondering if anyone knew what write speed is good enough that my camera can handle as well as shoot nice quality video. Thank you!

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