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Thank you.
1) I don't think so. But you can export proxies for realtime preview and for cutting the project.
Ok, i understand. The reason i asked about it its the MLViewer software. As far as i remember, that program was able to play 14bit MLV files in realtime. It was very useful in quick footage preview and helps me to quickly choose the right shot. But  it does not work with 10 or 12bit files.

Window key / Tab Key to create an additional desktop.

Switch to and run the app in the new desktop. I would expect that when running a time consuming processes like a batch export or importing a lot of files: that those process will run fine in the background if you switch back to your main desktop to do other activities.

Tnhx! Never heard about this feature, but unfortunately it does not help to solve the problem. Black DOS window easily jumps from one desktop to another and pulls focus to itself.   :(    So when you need to render a lot of clips and it tooks a lot of hours you need to switch active window every 3-5 minutes in order to continue you current activity. This is a bit annoying.

Hi! Very much impressed with the abilities of MLVAPP. Great work, it really helps!

I have some questions, if you dont mind.

1) Is there any chance that we will see real time playback of mlv files in future updates? This feature will dramatically increase footage sorting time.
2) Is there any way to get rid of black window during render procedure? And maybe minimize main program window? They interfere with other programs.

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