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I meant that my canon m50 does not recognize the magic lantern firmware and it won't do a firmware update. I already put in the autoexec.bin file but the camera says "memory card containing firmware is required to update"

the basic is out in JUST THE START not full magic lantern.
It is not only the basic ml april fools you need.
If you look in the forums you will see post with the files you need.

you will need fir files
just the find function on the forum : BOOT_M50.FIR

Personaly i get the awnsers you get from others.
But the forum is for helping others?
I send you in the right direction but do know that ML is not in it full form.

i was also in the dark for the how to, but i invested time and surfed and searched the forum and found my awnsers. TY DFORT for the pointers (Again a hint for searching Matt222Yt)

Also please do not ask ET for full version. just my to cents. alex needs the break

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