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Ok progress report and questions for you guys!


I have been following:
Step 1, and 2 under installation complete. Got dependencies installed through home-brew.

In addition I dumped my m50 rom files. I got two bin files
540b1d00a2631c6a29a0280d75679440 ROM0.BIN
1e7c58573aa62d016f3b355205d8fed5 ROM1.BIN

Should I continue with step 3? Is qemu ready? or do we need to do some more work first.

Lets get this thing rolling :)
Quote from: a1ex on August 09, 2018, 09:02:43 AM
For DIGIC 7 models, the next step is porting the 80D startup code (i.e. running user code alongside Canon firmware). I expect this step to be straightforward, so it's left as an exercise to the owners of these cameras. You can debug the startup code in the emulator; once you get it working, just ask me to enable the boot flag so you can test it on the camera.

The previous post was for M50 ( DIGIC 8 ). On this camera, I don't know yet how the bootloader looks like, and the code written for DIGIC 7 didn't work, so I'll probably attempt to dump the ROM directly from main firmware. The tests you'll run are:
- jumping to Canon firmware (expecting to be identical to DIGIC 7, i.e. jumping to 0xE0040000)
- LED blinking (testing the above addresses)
- LED blinking from main firmware (if I'll get this working in QEMU)
- ROM dumping from main firmware (could not test this one in QEMU yet)
- other tests (CPU model, diagnostic logs etc)

After publishing the ROM dumper, I'll update the emulator, attempt to enable the boot flag and get some diagnostic logs. Further progress will require a developer with a camera in their hands and plenty of spare time for experiments. If that describes you, your contribution will be more than welcome. I'll be here to help if you get stuck, but please be aware I'm not interested in maintaining yet another camera port alone.

If the code damages the camera, I'll try to help, but cannot guarantee success.

Hi a1ex. I'm a software engineering student. I'll be graduating the end of the month. I'm interested in working on my m50 with my spare time. I see the documentation on the site about setting up qemu dev environment. Looks exciting. Any advice you have for me before I jump in? Thanks :)

I'll be jumping in after the semester is over. For now back to writing papers  :'(