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New build for 700D:

-White Level is correct for Analog gain (thanks Danne)
-Now once you load sd_uhs it will patch during start up, no need for script and enabling it manually (thanks Danne)
-There is no 11-bit lossless , it will start from 10-bit lossless to 8-bit lossless depending on ISO (I removed 11-bit lossless to enhance recording time in ISOs 100-800)
-Included Dual ISO fix for ISOless 8 & 15
-Shutter flickering has been fixed (Thanks a1ex)
-Removed Crosshair in crop_rec :D
Note: Once you enable crop_rec and change Y or X resolution the actual bit-depth Will be 10-bit lossless , there is no 14-bit lossless (You should always select 14-bit lossless from mlv_lite if you want to use crop_rec in this build , and the final bit-depth will be 10-bit lossless , I did this to enhance recording times and I couldn't figure out how to chose between 14-bit to 12-bit lossless when using crop_rec) and once you disable crop_rec you can use the bit-depths from mlv_lite normally .

How to use 1x3 Binning:
Load crop_rec and restart the camera, activate crop_rec , go to crop_rec submenu by pressing Q button , chose 1x3 Binning , press Menu button to refresh LiveView , That's it! --> To increase the Vertical resolution Just change Y resolution to 2214 (Sweet Spot) and refresh LiveView by pressing Menu button and getting back to LiveView.

Note 2: When you do any change in crop_rec you Must/Should/Have to refresh the LiveView manually ! How? by pressing Menu Button and going back to LiveView otherwise your settings will not be applied , if the settings were saved and crop_rec was activated and you turn on the camera You should also make a refresh .

You can do a build for the 650D Canon, I would like to try all this on my camera and make better videos.

Someone knows how I can compile this program in windows, what libraries are used to do it? every time I try its impossible.

I cannot compile this in windows, how can I fix it?  ???

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