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@cmh: Thank's for the reply.

Meanwhile I got rid of the issue with a fresh reinstall of magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202 to the SD card.
Because I had tested another very experimental build on the same SD card before, my assumption is that some config stuff was left over that conflicts with the nightly build. But I don't have a proof for that and the shutter bug thing might be a root cause too.
How to use Manual mode and JPG on EOS M with magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202?
When using this build on EOS M with FW 2.0.2 JPG-shooting in M mode is disabled if modules are loaded but switched off.

Issue description:
When cam is set to M mode and shutter is pressed half, the display is cleared and the ML message "Set picture quality to RAW" appears. When shutter is pressed full no shoot is taken and cam returns to default display. If mode is set to RAW a silent full res picture is taken - even if this is set to OFF - and the cam hangs up and must be restarted. Only if ML is loaded without modules the cam works like expected.

Used ML settings:
Serveral modules like adv_int, file_man, mvl_lite, silent, ... are loaded but all ML functions are set to OFF, except some overlays .

Expected behavior:
Just shoot JPGs in manual mode when modules are loaded but the corresponding functions are set to OFF.

Any hint is appreciated.
Thx @ Danne, I've loaded the build tried some of the new movie stuff.

However I'm not sure how the how the menues "presets" and "startoff presets" are intended to work, because I see differents settings/entries there. How is the relationsip between (if any)?

Another finding: so soon as the the option "fps override" is used, the live view shows a purple band on the left hand side of the live view that only can be cleared with a on/off reset of the camera. Btw, with the original bulid magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202 this does not happen.

Screen shoots can be found here:

If this questions are discussed elsewhere at this forum, it would be great if You will redirect me again.

Feel free to move this reply to another topic if it's better fits there.

Thank's again.

I've lost track on the various developments too.

I'm currently running magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202, but can offer to test newer bulids for the EOS M (with both original Canon lenses an manual 3rd party lenses). I would focus on basic video functions (like crop_rec and FPS_override), stuff from the "shoot" ans "overlay" menues as well as support for non-cpu lenses.

Can anyone redirect me please to an appropriate development build to test improvements vs. the magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202?
Thanks in advance.
I'm currently using ML on my EOS M to a big extend together with non-CPU lenses. So integrating the experimental "Non-CPU lens info" into the main build would be interesting for me. In addition it might be helpful to hand over the aperture value selected at "Non-CPU lens info" to the camera control system (not only the EXIF data) in order to let the camera "think" that the aperture value was send by the lens. That probably may enable the use of more automated features of the camera like TTL flash, SCN modes or others (not only Av and M mode). However a judgement regarding this idea from the ML experts will be interesting for me.

MLV App v0.14 (latest version from bouncyball, btw, this now works well on a Core Duo PC - Thanks!) crashes at PNG Frame Export:

When trying to export single frames from a MLV taken with a EOS M (1728x692px) as a PNG file, Windows reports a crash an ends the app but a PNG was created with a black area - see example posted. This happens when the aspect ratio is set to "Height Stretch 1.67x" (works well with "Height Stretch 1.0x"). The bug appears on all the following configurations tested:
- MLV.App.v0.14.alpha.Win32 on a 32bit-Windows
- MLV.App.v0.14.alpha.Win32 on a 64bit-Windows
- MLV.App.v0.14.alpha.Win64.static on a 64bit-Windows


@bouncyball: Hi, I triend to download this new files for testing because I had excactly the same problem on a Core2 - however the link seems to be broken. Any idea?

Quote from: bouncyball on March 04, 2018, 02:33:02 PM
Hey guys I think I probably have good news for @IDA_ML and others who have older PCs with older Core2 Duo CPU models where MLV App crashes during file import (I've been able to reproduce this behavior).

Download those fixed 2 windows builds (now they are running smoothly on my E6800 CPU):

Try and report back your findings.

User Introduction / Hi, I'm Bernhard
February 28, 2018, 02:46:42 PM
While using CHDK on my Powershots for many years, I've bought myself recently an EOS M body to recycle my vintage lenses from the analog SLR times. I'm going to test the latest nightly as well as some experimentals builds with this and share results with the commuity (if they like me to do so and someone guides me to the proper topics to post findings).

Looking forward to contribute!