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Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve or experience with the ERR 06 (Sensor cleaning failed) on the 5DIII?
Would it be possible to add a feature which could virtually export the processed MLV files as DNG sequences, like MLVFS does?
Is there anything us users can do to help develop a larger real time preview for the 4k rewired anamorphic?
Also, can we help test regs for eliminating the focuspixel field? Or is that a lost cause?
Quote from: Danne on June 12, 2019, 06:17:07 PM
Not sure what you mean but what is stopping you from testing?

For correcting the real time preview of the rewired anamorphic modes. It only goes up to 2:1, would it be hard to implement a 3:1 mode aswell?
Would an anamorphic 3:1 mode in the display tab work with the anamorphic croprec mode?
Is it possible to alter the "Bad pixel fix" so that it targets ALL the frames and not just the first one?
Hi, im having issues with bad pixels with MLVFS. The "fix bad pixels" in MLVapp works WONDERS and eliminates all the dynamic dancing bad pixels.

So i am wondering if there is anyway workflow like MLVFS but within the MLVapp where one does not need to export. So it just "fake exports" to a virtual drive where i then can access the DNGs with Davinci?

My workflow now, due to the dancing bad pixels, is:

MLVapp fix bad pixels and focus pixels -----> Export CDNG ------> Davinci Resolve

Which works fine but the Export CDNG step takes allot of time and space :( Maybe there is an option within MLVFS im missing? The "bad pixel fix" in MLVFS only fixes the bad pixels in the first frame. Is there an option to execute bad pixel fix in all frames maybe?

Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
dfort, please enjoy your vacation!!!

Hehe yes, i was shooting at night and tried to recreate it in my bathroom. So sorry if i was unclear. The focus pixels are not the issue here, its those bright red, white and blue pixels that seem to appear randomly. I thought they might be a result of the focus pixel maps but upon further inspection they seem to be embedded in the original DNG files.

There are quite a few of them at times, maybe 8ish at most. They dont appear in MLVapp, but they do in Davinci Resolve which is my program of choice. I realize now this might be the wrong the wrong place to post it, but  if you could perhaps point me in the right direction i would be greatful!

Oh yeah, Dannes newest build, shot with MCMrewire 1736x736 14bit
Hmm, can somebody please help me out.

There are white/red/blue dancing pixels when shooting in low light. Might be related to the focus pixels?

When importing to resolve with MLVFS, they persist. But when importing into mlvapp - gone! Any idea how to deal with these pesky pixels with resolve + MLVFS?

YESSSSS! Thank you so much, works like a charm!
Hmm im having problems focus pixels with MLVFS. Im on mac and using Dannes latest build with 1080p MCM rewire. 1736 x 736 resolution.

I managed do get rid of the focuspixels on 1080p MCM rewire with mlvfs by adding the pixelmaps to the mlvfs script before installing.

BUT when using the "3x crop" with the 1080p MCM rewire mode the pixels persist? Any ideas?

Danne! Tried out your newest build with the 4k anamorphic rewire - Does that mean that the live view will match the framing, you see realtime what you get? If so i cant get it to work. Any tips? The regular 1080p MCM rewire works perfectly though. Thanks!
Im having issues with ETTR set to always on when using the new 3.5k mode (5x zoom) in  the experimental croprec build. It doesnt adjust.

Any ideas? Setting it to "SET" works fine but i noticed that it zooms out from the 5x, then back. Perhaps its not compatible with zoomed liveview recording modes?

Im using the 5D III and magiclantern-crop_rec_4k.2017Oct16.5D3113