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Module writing Q&A / Re: problem compiling my first module
« on: August 03, 2017, 05:30:49 PM »
I put dryos.h and module.h at the top and checked if I got every header needed but I get the same error as before: no *.o file. What does the *.o file contain and how is it created? probably I can dig into it and find my mistake if I know what to look for.

The idea behind this module is to focus on different points an a plane (e.g. painting, poster...) and to turn and tilt the camera with the information of the focus position until the optical axis is (nearly) orthogonal to the plane. This is a project I'm doing for university and the fist step is to test under which conditions it is possible to record small changes of the angle. If I manage to get this module running, those tests would be a lot easier than with the lua script I allready wrote.

I have to admit that I did not think about the different focus modes in LV, thanks for reminding me. I think I'll use the contrast detection in a different stage of this project  ;)
Thanks for always helping with my questions and my full respect for all the work you put in magic lantern and this community

Module writing Q&A / problem compiling my first module
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:54:39 PM »
This is my first try on writing modules and I wrote a few lines and wanted to try it out and see if it works like intended. I took the makefile from the ettr module and changed the names for the output but if I run make, no *.o file is produced. compiling the other modules works fine but not with my *.c file. I looked through other *.c and makefiles but could not solve it.

I work with the lua_fix branch and took a lot of code from the sourcefiles or other modules (especially lua module, I tried some of this with a lua sript). I'm not very experienced with programming in C so feel free to comment  ;)

my makefile:
Code: [Select]
# this is a very simple makefile for modules

# define the module name - make sure name is max 8 characters

# include modules environment
include $(TOP_DIR)/modules/Makefile.modules

and my .c file:

Code: [Select]
#include "module.h"
#include "focus.h"
#include "dryos.h"
#include "bmp.h"
#include "menu.h"
#include "property.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "af_patterns.h"
#include "lens.h"
#include "lvinfo.h"
#include "shoot.h"
extern void bmp_on;
extern void bmp_off;
static int afp[2];
static int afp_len = 0;
static int x=720;
static int y=480;
    afp[0] = buf[0];
    afp[1] = buf[1];
    afp_len = len;

static int autofocus()
if (wait_focus_status(3000, 3, 3))
        if (wait_focus_status(5000, 1, 2))
            return 1;
        return 0;


static void orthogonator()
if (!afp_len || ! return;
afp[0] = AF_POINT_C;
prop_request_change(PROP_AFPOINT, afp, afp_len);
if(autofocus()) bmp_printf(FONT_MED,x/2,y/2,"%d",lens_info.focus_pos);
afp[0] = AF_POINT_T;
prop_request_change(PROP_AFPOINT, afp, afp_len);
if(autofocus()) bmp_printf(FONT_MED,x/2,y/4,"%d",lens_info.focus_pos);
afp[0] = AF_POINT_R;
prop_request_change(PROP_AFPOINT, afp, afp_len);
if(autofocus()) bmp_printf(FONT_MED,3*x/4,y/2,"%d",lens_info.focus_pos);
afp[0] = AF_POINT_B;
prop_request_change(PROP_AFPOINT, afp, afp_len);
if(autofocus()) bmp_printf(FONT_MED,x/2,y*3/4,"%d",lens_info.focus_pos);
afp[0] = AF_POINT_L;
prop_request_change(PROP_AFPOINT, afp, afp_len);
if(autofocus()) bmp_printf(FONT_MED,x/4,y/2,"%d",lens_info.focus_pos);

static struct menu_entry ortho_menu[] =
        .name       = "Orthogonator",
        .select     = run_in_separate_task,
        .priv       = orthogonator,
        .help       = "",

static unsigned int ortho_init()
    menu_add("Focus", ortho_menu, COUNT(ortho_menu));
    return 0;

static unsigned int ortho_deinit()
    return 0;



Scripting Q&A / Re: choosing focuspoints with lua script: need help
« on: August 01, 2017, 03:34:27 PM »
thanks for your quick reply
@dmilligan it worked with keys:start() but like I suspected, there is no key code for this event.
@a1ex I found your tutorial on writing modules and I'll try to solve it this way. I set everything up for compiling modules and allready found a few things in the source code but I didn't find anything on how to use autofocus. could you give me a few hints on how to solve this?

Scripting Q&A / choosing focuspoints with lua script: need help
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:50:11 PM »
I'm working on a projekt, where I try to get the orientation of a plane by reading the focus motor position with different focuspoints on my 50d with the magiclanter-lua_fix.2017Jul06.50D109 build.
I already managed to automaticly focus and get the correct motor position with lens.focus_pos but I always have to change the focuspoint manually.
I got the Idea to use the funktion to automaticly change the focuspoints, but KEY.ZOOMIN (same hardware key as for choosing focuspoints) only works to zoom in on pictures.
I tried to use the keys:getkey() funtion to see, if i used the wrong key code for choosing focuspoints, but I always get an error in ML/Scripts/lib/keys.lua. With the following code I get an error in line 48: bad argument #1 to 'remove' ...

Code: [Select]
console.write('press Key')

By using keys:keys() befor calling keys:getkey() I get the error: attempt to call a nil value (method 'keys)

Is there any point I'm missing or does anyone have a better idea for solving this problem?

Thanks in advance


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