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Unable to download Switch. Bitbucket link tells that "Repository unavailable" :(
PS Maybe someone can share previously downloaded app?

I wonder if it is possible to process dual_iso cr2 at half resolution to eliminate stripes using Switch?

Will try that. Thanks! :)

I found some lines in dualiso pdf:
5. Mixing the two exposures: "So, why not just use the
ISO 1600 data everywhere, besides the top 4 stops? Because resolution matters too, and so does
aliasing and moire."
5.1 Recovering the full resolution in midtones:
"As you can see from Figure 7, the result with the smooth transition is a little on the soft side (but
without any banding). The midtones created without any interpolated pixels (Figure 7, bottom)
have the same resolution as a normal picture (without dual ISO), but has some slight banding
 " this case you’ll have to live
with a softer image, obtained only with curve (9), which does not have any banding."
That makes me think that banding in shadows and highlights appears while recovering full resolution midtones. Is it correct?
Is it possible to trade half resolution to have zero banding?
I hope I managed to make it a bit more clear. :)

I wonder if it is possible to output dualiso stills without any interpolation in Switch? I am ok with resolution loss and if i get it right it will help get rid of banding even at extreme settings. Is it so?
Cheers! :)

I wonder if it ever possible to implement a possibility to tie ML settings to shooting mode. So that, for example, dualiso is on for C1 mode and off for C2. It will help to change a bunch of ML and stock settings in one dial click. Maybe someone will find this idea useful.

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