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Share Your Videos / Re: Japanese garden in HRD video
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:08:49 AM »
iDA_ML you realise that when this HDR video was shot in 2012 raw was not even available on the 60D until 2013 and that drkim has taken 5 years to reply to this thread ressurecting it. No wonder you're confused over why he chose HDR over raw !

Try switching headphone monitoring off under the audio menu.

General Chat / Re: Upgrading an old Rebel 350D to ???
« on: January 12, 2017, 04:58:30 PM »
That'll be why my 12 year old hasn't complained then, only uses manual lenses, learning how to focus, expose and importantly preempt whats in and passing through the frame, useful for anyone who prioritises video over stills, relevant to stills as well and when wanting to pull focus. Not knocking the desire for proper working features and embracing new tech but calling a 700D useless seems a bit over the top.

General Chat / Re: Upgrading an old Rebel 350D to ???
« on: January 12, 2017, 03:04:21 PM »
I'd look to used from a reputable online camera store, so much of it is low usage, once new gear bought on a whim, sold off to get next best thing.

I picked up a 50D for £190 with 6000 shutter and 25 LV actuation's, well according to ML that is, near mint and 12 month warranty. Seen far worse go on ebay for higher prices and no warranty, hilarious.

Maybe a used 700D body? Has 40mb/s card slot, articulated screen. Save the rest of the money for other essential gear like stabilisation, loupe, audio recorder, mic whatever.

Share Your Videos / Re: Japan 5D III RAW
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:05:26 PM »
Lots of great shots, but also feels like a series of clips, seems like a lot of inconsistency of grade, colour palette, contrast, saturation and noise levels, even with shots of same subject matter, feels like there's nothing tying the whole together. I don't mean some heavy handed colour filtering over all clips, but something more subtle in tones, hues and noise level to tie the relevant clips together and to tie the sequence together as a whole.

Hum, 121 downloads for the 550D?

That'll be because there's a lot of 550D users, more than EOS M and for good reason. Joking aside, 12bit works so some improvement for limited card write speed, obvious 10bit is eagerly awaited no doubt.

Share Your Videos / Re: My girl making Eggs and OJ for Breakfast
« on: December 16, 2016, 01:29:21 PM »
Probably teaching grandma to suck eggs but 'Royalty Free' always makes me think cheesy free tracks from a commercial site. BTW not watched your video yet because the embedded video isn't showing up for me. Creative Commons type license is also an option, with it's fair share of cheesy music.

I like Jamendo personally.

I feel for you, but no one is going to say yes its ok to turn back on without a poviso of but its upto you, even if they had an incling what the crash log meant. You'll have to make the judgement whatever, there will be no certainty.

If it were me I'd just put aa empty card in, fire the camera up and find out, if it's damaged a!ready then it'll cost to repair and probably a repair shop would quote such a high figure as its uncertain how far any damage has gone that it becomes uneconomical, the risk of damaging it further would be of minor concern. That's if its damaged at all.

Alternatively you could always send it to a repair centre for a quote, but even then they won't be held responsible for any further damage that might possibly occur due to the cameras state.

550D ? But as A1ex says above, will be more difficult.

What is unmont?

For me on Win10 64bit I use a batch file (MLVFS.bat) on my desktop, could add it to start up I guess but don't always need MLVFS. Batch file has one line in it as below.

cmd /k G:\MLVFS_x86\mlvfs.exe M:\ --mlv_dir=G:\MLV_FS\Projects

Double click fires up a cmd window and does the necessary.

andy ah, my post was about focal length and aperture multipliers when you mentioned X2.88 crop factor, which part of my post was nonsense? I'd like to know so that i don't make the same mistake again, thank you. I don't think I made any reference to the performance of the bmpcc or other bm camera or whether it's better or worse than the 5D3. I was making comparisons between achievable fields of view between different camera sensors and focal length, that is all.

We're those cinematographers working with 35mm 4 perf Academy (APS-C) saying hell I can't live with 1.6x multiplier (comparison between 4perf and full frame digital/VistaVision) it's killing me.

General Chat / Re: To EOS M users, why?
« on: December 10, 2016, 08:07:16 AM »
dfort thanks, EOS M is not for me, nothing to do with hating, nothing to do with critising other happy M users.

When I mentioned 8mm, I was talking about lenses for 8mm and Super 8mm film, rather than focal length.

No, adding lenses designed for 35mm 8perf doesn't make 550D or other dslr more portable, but two things, the adapter is only a few mms thick so doesn't add much to physical lens length and the EOS M exists for reasons of portability whereas the Rebels which are only slightly bigger are not generally sold or bought with portability in mind unless moving from something bigger I guess.

I've chosen not to go for the EOS M, thanks for the insight.

X2.88 multiplier for equivilent horizontal field of view and aperture is compared to full frame digital or movies shot VistaVision 8perf.

It's approx X1.9 multiplier for equivilent hfov for 35mm 4perf film, Arri Alexa, Panavisions. So all those successful movies over the years shot on 4perf Academy or popular TV and films shot on the Alexa its a smaller incomburance to achieve equivilent hfov on bmpcc.

There's many successful films shot 16mm ie:(X1 multiplier) recently Black Swan, Moonrise Kingdom, parts of Hurt Locker.

It's easy to get caught up in equivilent to full frame due to dslrs and photographers moving to video but its a misnomer, focal length is the same regardless, fields of view change, motion picture 35mm unless shot 8perf isn't equivilent to full frame, its more in the region of APSC.

And movies shot Super35 approx X2

General Chat / Re: To EOS M users, why?
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:11:36 PM »
That's a very good point dmilligan, to utilise lenses for 16mm, CCTV, although I think the imaging circle of 8mm is too small to be a benefit even with cropmode maybe not? But with many smaller chip cameras out there like the BM's those lenses have gone up in price. Ok if you own already maybe and the 2 M lenses are very much the price of EF-S and may end up buying into yet another lens system.

The short flange focal distance also works against it,  for FD, EOS etc the adaptor becomes nearly as long as the lens (on the shorter focal lengths) making it not so portable, so not so much an all rounder more a specialised use maybe, but if it's someones only camera then just a different set of compromises, as with all of them. we make our choices.

General Chat / Re: To EOS M users, why?
« on: December 09, 2016, 10:03:32 AM »

I built my own because I'm poor as well. Intend to make another so that I have a more 'cube' arrangement, current one is 'rectangular' and also wanting to keep things small and compact. Indipro tools do a small unit as well as the bigger mothers.
I use a couple of cheap mains adaptors Sony and Canon battery chargers as they have removable battery plates, so in theory all I need to do is change a battery plate or both rather than rewire should I want to use a different battery type, as long as its 7.5V. Using Canon HV20 heavy duty, 550D heavy duty and Sony currently. Rod mounted, works well as a counter balance too.

Still struggling with why EOS M, especially because moneys tight and don't see any advantages what so ever over a 700D or even 100D and I think I'd still take 550D lower card speed, lower res raw over fighting focus pixels and overheating. But dfort I know you're doing great work with defeating focus pixels.

General Chat / Re: To EOS M users, why?
« on: December 08, 2016, 10:51:06 AM »
dfort thanks for the reply, I did search the forum before posting and read the eos m specific threads first, including the one in your link above and I'm still perplexed.

I understand for developers, it's good, I think dmilligan said the same, however comparing to a 100D I really see no benefits in the eos m so far, part of the reason for inquiring is that a work colleague has offered me an M for £120, I already have a 550D and 50D, I can see it's possibly useful for portability but not when trying to address its shortcomings like battery life, I currently use an external power unit I made using high capacity Sony and Canon batteries for 50D and 550D so just a dummy battery for an eos M to make use of it but kinda defeats the purpose.

I hate talking of things like dynamic range and pixel count etc because it comes well down the list of importance for me, but is the EOS M better in low light? Pixel bins instead of line skips? Does it overheat? I have that under control so far for the 50D.

The only benefit I can see so far is faster card speed than 550D.

General Chat / To EOS M users, why?
« on: December 08, 2016, 08:07:16 AM »
Trying to get a grip on why the EOS M appears so popular, even on ML forums, just can't see the benefits at all, am I missing something?

Small body so small it becomes difficult to grip, without buying a small grip.

Limited choices of M lenses means an adapter with near the depth of a pancake, then in addition a manual lens like m42, eos, whatever including perhaps additional adapter, all of a sudden it ain"t compact.

No in body IS so rely on lens IS but what choice in lens? For video rig type stabilization becomes more necessary for free camera movement in video.

Even C mount lenses are not that small.

Is it just really a photographers choice, something that I have no interest in?

Crippled currently in raw with only, mv720 and mv1080crop? Although devrlopment is daily so this could well change.

I'm manual everything, touch screens never make sense to me as a 3x loupe is always on the back for obvious reasons, autofocus never, screens not even articulated, for a releatively new camera thst's odd, prefer that to touch screeen.

Just can't see where the M fits? What's the killer feature?

Don't get me wrong, not trying to say its crap, it depends on user needs but I can see no benefits to me, so conclude its not for me.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing or what else is difficult to get on with on the M?

Raw Video / Re: 5dm3 RAW Sensor differences
« on: December 07, 2016, 05:00:37 PM »
Shane Hurlbut did a few years ago when he started with the 5D's, part of gear set up prior to shooting, calibrate the cameras to each other by tweaking WB per camera.

From the page:

Each camera comes from the factory supposedly balanced but all of them have a bias.  Set up a white card with the correct color temp. on the camera, which it depends on the color temp of your light.  If you are shooting with a Tungsten source then you would be at 3200K, if it is daylight you would be at 5200K and so on.  Or you can auto white balance, your choice.  Some cameras come with a yellow bias, a magenta bias and or a green bias.  Sometimes you get one that is perfect from the factory but from my experience that is not the case.

And for more consistent, less painful colour correction, for raw to.

Yeah anticipated the response to presumption of 'so close', in reality I'm well aware it ain't that simple, just would like to see 550D in the running, 10bit on cameras with restricted write speeds is a good priority to many users, for me my 50D is go to and barely use the 550D. Lucky settings, there's no blackmagic, pun intended, in the combination of settings, just chose mlvrec 10bit and it either works or doesn't, don't consider myself a tester just have bit of time at the moment to mess.

Not sure why so many new videos posted in "Share Your Videos" don't show up in the users post not even after logging in just to watch a video, yet others are replying to videos after viewing so not having the issue. Win 10 64bit Firefox, MS Edge and Chrome. Just logging in and refreshing doesn't solve it. I have to close the tab having first logged in then start a new tab and revisit the thread then the video appears.

The same build? As yours from yesterday posted at 12.08:58? How can it be the latest doesn't have mlvrec and mlvsnd in it? Might be same code base but a new build? 12bit on 550D worked fine on yesterdays build of 12.08:58 via mlvrec, all I was saying was that 12bit working on 550D was nothing new to the latest rawrec only build. And finally yes I was comparing 12.08:58 build 10bit 550D via mlvrec 16 pixel shift horizontal with latest rawrec only build 10bit 16 pixel shift vertical, both very close to solution for 550D, so to first say only concentrate on EOS-M and 5D3, then say only concentrate on rawrec, with regard to 550D either which way makes little difference its so close. Does the latest rawrec build include possible fix highlighted by A1ex in post #627, is that what we're supposed to be testing here in the latest build?

12bit worked great via mlvrec in dforts build from before, so 12bit now works in rawrec to.

10bit in rawrec is vertically jumping up and down 16 pixels every other frame rather than moving to the right 16 pixels every other frame as with the mlvrec module from dforts earlier build.

The 550D is also very close, 12bit works fine, 10bit image intact just 16 pixel offset to right every other frame, (mlvrec not rawrec which looks to be a trainrec on the 550D)

A1ex suggests above that there's a fix for this from a month ago or should this be brought up on the 550D camera specific thread instead of here where priorities seem weighted elsewhere, I guess because of ownership of EOS-M & 5D3? There's many more 550D ML users than EOS-M and for good reason?

On 550D rawrec 10bit produces multicolor corruption to top 1/3rd of every other frame. mlvrec 10bit produces 16pixel offset to right every other frame but image intact. Playback in camera totally corrupt.

Very exciting indeed, no freezing on 550D or 50D. Getting contnuous 1280 at 2.35:1 10bit on 550D but then big jump to 1600 wide, smaller increments of 16 pixels as discussed earlier on the thread would be good, can't find it in the menus.

So nearly there just need the 16 pixel offset every other frame resolved.

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