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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 80D
September 18, 2017, 10:02:45 PM
Wonderful news. It seems that 80D has a writing speed close to 80 mb/s (70D only 40 mb/s). It is quite possible that we can get more than 1080p with compressed raw. The 10 bit should work as well. Thanks guys!
The experimental version of magic lantern is on the cutting edge, frustratingly cutting edge. It's part of the struggle for the code-blind mortals who's pulling their hairs out and ask the stupidest questions on the board. The struggles make magic lantern exhilarating,  and inspires participants to make better picture, better videos. Most of us do not post anything on the board just for the fear of sounding really really..... stupid. However, we do really appreciate the "geniuses" and generosity of those immortals such as Alex. Please bear with us.
By the way, I finally get UHD to work as well as 1080p @45fps. The DNGs were generated with Rawflow (page 13 of this board). Somehow, the first frame is always bad and the rest are splendid.
Thanks for all the immortals on the board and hope you can improve magic lantern further and let the mortals to try the experimental versions. The 'code blind" mortals can't contribute much to the development of magic lantern. But we will do more volunteers to places such as "soup kitchen" to feed the homeless as our appreciation.
Can anyone post their advanced settings on the crop_rec on 5D3123 so that I can get the crop from the center? Currently it looks the crop start from the extreme right side of the sensor (3K).

Thanks for all your hero members for the advancement.
10 bit, 8 bit compressed raw? Am I dreaming? Thanks for your ingenious work!