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Quote from: Merlin ミーアキャット on September 04, 2021, 05:35:18 PM
Okay, can I send you a PM in only Full HD? Are there any settings that are especially required
We need to test all different settings !
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of responses I don't have automatic emails notifications.

We didn't get enough people interested as of now so we put a pause on that feature while we work on others features

Thanks a lot ! I will keep you up to date what we need more :)
Quote from: names_are_hard on June 26, 2021, 11:43:31 PM
So, what's the project going to be?  People are more likely to be interested if they know what it is.  After all, if it's "use raw footage to control murder drones", people might not want to volunteer.

Ok here is the topic about the plugin project itself

It will be an importer of .MLV for Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects
Great ! But we need file samples to test and make a release with MLV :)
Hi everyone !

I would like to introduce to you a new plugin project to import, decode and grade Magic Lantern Video .MLV RAW video files directly inside Adobe CC Video applications (Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder). This project is a work in progress, it is called Influx for Adobe CC.

You can find more information about it here and install the free trial (for now it's a free BETA) from here

It does not import properly MLV files for now (in August 2021 as this post is written) but support for it is planned in the future. To help us bring MLV support into Influx for Adobe CC we need your help by sending us test files in this topic

For now MLV support is not official so it is going to be enabled for free in all our releases until our support for Magic Lantern Video becomes official. Each release we make with free  BETA test of MLV support will allow for decoding MLV for 6 months after the date of the release. Date after which you'll need to update Influx for Adobe CC, either with a new update pushing the new date by 6 months or it will support MLV and you will need a license.

We will offer free licenses for Influx (for MLV and all others codecs) for those who help us find bugs and fix issues in Influx for Adobe CC. Influx is able to decode others codecs directly inside Adobe CC without re encoding. We are aware that MediaReactor in some conditions can also help you import .MLV files into Premiere Pro, but we still think Influx for Adobe CC could be useful for some of us shooting MLV with their Canon / Magic Lantern setup and editing with Adobe CC. I personally dislike to have to convert the MLV files for import into After Effects.

What I just said also applies to CinemaDNG .DNG files (all .DNG files and those produced by Blackmagic Design) : it is in BETA for now, for 6 months after each release, we need more file samples and tests, it will be officially supported only later after your help.

For now, no Source Settings for CinemaDNG and MLV are planned, it will only import the raw footage as is inside Premiere and After without any color grading. Although if demand for it is strong it could be a possibility for later (a Source Settings just like our other plugin BRAW Studio Blackmagic RAW import for Adobe CC Premiere Pro and After Effects).

So, if you're interested, if you have request, ideas for features, files samples for us to test, workfow linked to Adobe to tell us about, we're here to listen and discuss ! Thanks
It could be a great idea to directly train neural networks to upscale from raw data. It could lead to better performance than normal upscaling
We  will take files of any length ! What you can.

To tell you more about the project we are studying the possibility of having native import of .MLV directly inside Adobe CC video software (Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, After Effects). I will open a new thread about that later when we annunce it officially
Hi everyone !

For a software development linked to Magic Lantern Video Files .MLV we need some test files of .MLV in various cameras and bit depths, with and without audio. 20 seconds in various framerates, shooting something that is detailed enough. If you could write the specs you have and read the forum to try to shoot something different than the previous poster it would be even better

I don't have access to my Canon 5D III anymore and even if I get it back I will only be able to produce samples for that specific model, so that's why I need external help from you. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and of course you would know more about this software project once it is released !

Raw Video / Re: Avid AMA plugin for MLV files?
June 25, 2021, 04:29:51 PM
This is not an easy SDK unfortunately !

Did you try Drastic MediaReactor plugin ?
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ML Samplefiles
June 25, 2021, 03:56:23 PM
Thanks names_are_hard

I replied here since it is a Sticky topic but you're right I will create my own thread it's better suited.

I know about some others app to process .MLV but I'm sure we have interesting stuff to release for the community, in addition

EDIT : posted here
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ML Samplefiles
June 23, 2021, 11:40:14 AM
Hi everyone ! I am in the process of creating a new tool for this community to edit videos with Magic Lantern Video files .MLV

We need some MLV samples files from different cameras and firmwares / ML builds to make our tests but most of the links posted here seem to be dead  :(

Could anyone reupload them ?

And if anyone also has test files with .m00 .m01 etc. files and sidecar audio files it would be great too. It's been a few years I did not use MLV

Thanks !
Hi there,

I tested this on April and 4K half fps + gray preview worked fine for me. Now the the September builds when I enabled Crop Mode it doesnt change anything in the resolution (still 1080 :( ) + no preview at all. Is there some options I don't know about I should enable ?

Thanks !!
There's definitely some twixtor / ae integrated remapping, I can see some glitches
The beginning close up are stunning. Couldn't tell the difference between ALEXA and 5d
Nice balade :) , editing and camera movements. What features of ML did you use ?
Share Your Videos / Re: Anamorphic Sunset | 70D RAW
August 15, 2017, 06:24:09 PM
Nice, the lens look great
It took the whole moth of April part time when I was in theses three locations, so I would say ~10 days full time. Each shot was difficult because 1) my CF card of 16 gb can only record ~2min30 of RAW video, so I had to take the right shot the first or second time 2) I had to frame with 2.35 in the B&W crappy preview (there's not crop in post prod everything is as shot)
Yeah it's 12.5 FPS played at 25 :/
I could have recorded in 2K 25FPS but I really wanted to try 4K 2.35 crop mode :)
Thanks for this module it's awesome !
Has anyone succeeded in getting 25 FPS 2.35 4K ? I'm stucked at 12.5 FPS (I have a good CF card)..

Here's what I've done with it
Thanks !
Quote from: BBA on May 19, 2017, 06:39:09 PM
Wow !
Gorgeous images !

Please tell me more (oui, beaucoup ... plus que vous ne pensez) about the technical how-tos !!!
Would be much appreciated !
Thanks !
The technical side is pretty much ML RAW new crop Mode 4K ~2.35 12.5FPS MLV 14 bit, image sequence graded with Adobe Camera Raw and converted to  best quality JPG in AE (exporting with Photoshop added a little bit of flickering). I didn't have time to do this to reduce flicker : But anyway since my camera was not moving the flicker is light and looks a little bit like true Pellicule flickering :D .

The images look fine thanks to Adobe Camera Raw. The dehazing filter is beautiful. I would like to test others RAW software processors, or write my own one day.

And it was encoded out of After Effects thanks to my plugin AfterCodecs, in the next version I'm going to add WebM 8K export.

Quote from: DeafEyeJedi on May 19, 2017, 09:13:32 PM
Indeed well done even at 12.5 FPS. Perhaps try using Twixtor next time and compare?

Thanks for sharing your work and I love your colors. Care to share your workflow?

Also notice there was heavy aliasing going on in certain areas where there are "lines" and is this due to stretching into 8K from 4K, I'm assuming?
Tried twixtor, never got good looking results. The aliasing might be either from Youtube downscale filters (I'm going to do tests on theses) or your client downscale filters (generally nearest neighbors :p ) if you're looking at the clip at a higher resolution than your screen. I prefer a little bit of aliasing and sharpness rather than bad video compression ;)
Hi !

Here's my latest project having fun with the new April crop mode, shooting in 3 different locations in France :

Mayu Puma - Dragonfly (ML RAW 4K - AfterCodecs 8K)

Great ! Excellent grading and good FX ideas
Bien joué
Hi, nice birds what is the licence of your video :) ?
Nice footages and special effects