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Just want to bump this thread and restate what many have said and I'm sure still feel: Thank you guys SO MUCH for your hard work on this! Even though development has stopped on ML for the 5Dc, the work done thus far is amazing, and really really helpful to me personally and professionally.

And with that said, I'll do the selfish thing and make a request: Auto ISO, if possible for the 5Dc, would breath new life into this machine for me. I shoot lots of indoor speaker events with poor lighting and can't afford fast lenses. The only hope I have is to set the aperture as wide as possible, set the shutter speed to at least 100 and hope that Lightroom can deal with the noise that comes with using super high ISOs. Auto ISO, used on the 60D and Kiss X2 I use at work, allows me to not worry about noise or getting the right exposure thus leading to a higher percentage of usable shots. To have that functionality on my only full-frame body would seriously increase the quality of my photos and my percentage of keepers.

So here's one more photog pleading with our hard-working, demigod-like developers: if you have the time and interest, please get auto ISO on the 5Dc!
General Chat / Re: Will ML save the 7DmkII?
September 16, 2014, 05:40:16 PM
reddeercity, I use a 60D for work, and I've looked up and down these forums, the ML wiki and the ML site for confirmation of uncompressed, clean, HDMI output, and it just hasn't been done. The best ML gets is a clean but cropped image. The output is a true 1920 x 1080, but the actual image is only 1620 x 1080, flanked by black bars on either side of the screen. It basically looks like you are watching an old TV show shot in 3:2 on a widescreen display.

So my point is that real, true, clean (sans black bars), uncompressed HDMI has yet to be achieved by ML. In early 2012, this article ( came out, which might be what you're thinking of. Uncompressed, clean HDMI out is possible, it just hasn't been done yet. That is why I'm so excited that it's come to a sub-$2,000 camera that also happens to have a lot of other great features. Now if only they would send the audio through that same HDMI output...
General Chat / Re: Will ML save the 7DmkII?
September 15, 2014, 05:25:45 PM
I beg to differ. Uncompressed 24p HDMI out is nothing to sneeze at:


QuoteThe EOS 7D Mark II can shoot Full HD and can send uncompressed NTSC, PAL and 24p footage out directly via its included HDMI port. HDMI output makes it possible to monitor images on a
large display or save image data to an external recorder. Thanks to an audio output function, video and sound can be recorded together to a single recorder.

This is a feature that no ML build has been able to implement on any body. Clean, uncompressed HDMI output is a huge boost for Canon photography-focused DSLRs. Granted, the HDMI output is limited to 24fps, but still, this opens up so many possibilities.

Although $1,800 is out of my budget, I could very much use this camera at work. We do indoor, poorly lit event photography and live stream said events on YouTube. A couple of these would give us a quantum leap in still photos, live video and recorded video.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS M
September 15, 2014, 06:06:32 AM
Quoteyeah, I'm working on getting the play button to act as Q when ml menu is open, does anyone disagree?

Agreed. I also just realized that I could touch the screen in place of pressing Q. Found out how to enable VBR and a bunch of other functions that I couldn't find before. Feel a little silly now...

The touch function is great, but the menus in ML are, by neccessity, pretty cramped and I often touch the wrong item. This is not a critical problem, but it is an annoyance. If the ML menu could become more touch friendly overall, perhaps icon-based a la iOS, that would be great. That is a big job, so rather than reinventing the wheel (since the ML menu is already very well designed for use with physical buttons) I think that having the play button act as Q in the ML menu would be a good idea.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS M
September 12, 2014, 06:47:17 PM
I've just loaded magiclantern-Nightly.2014Sep12.EOSM202 and cannot figure out how to enable VBR. I noticed very early in the thread someone mention shooting RAW using VBR, but have not heard anyone mention it since, nor have I been able to get VBR to work with either of the last two nightly builds. Also can't find any info or documentation on VBR for the EOSM anywhere on the wiki, nightly build site or FAQ. Any help is much appreciated.


As in subsequent comments, figured out that touching the screen acts as pressing Q, allowing me to open submenus, thus allowing me to enable VBR.