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General Help Q&A / Re: 64GB SDXC Card BootFlag/DSLR Ready
« on: August 06, 2014, 08:59:54 PM »
Hi everyone,

A friend of mine used this very method to prepare two 64GB SXDC SanDisk (extreme pro) sd card for ML on 550D and we had a strong issue while shooting on location : after trying to format the card from canon's menu (keeping ml) we weren't able to read the card anymore (not with the dslr, nor mac os x 10.6, 10.8, Windows, Ubuntu...).


After a few (!) researchs, I understood that the volume was formated in exFAT format (thank you Ubuntu for being a bit more talkative than Windows and Mac).

So I needed exfat-fuse to read it :

 But there was another problem : "invalid VBR checksum".

After a few (more) researchs, I ended using Andrew Nayenko patch telling the computer to ignore the "invalid VBR checksum" :!topic/exfat/JkjAsCu4Cws

I did achieve that by installing other programms, mainly programms that are explicitly required by the terminal (easy to find), and other, that I install but I don't know which one is really useful :
    apt-get install build-essential
    apt-get install libfuse-dev
    apt-get install fuse-utils
    apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
    apt-get install libxml2-dev
    apt-get install mime-support

Any how, I am eventualy backing up my SD card !!!
Thank you ubuntu !

PS/ After that, I stop formatting my other cards, just deleting the videos once it was backed up. Don't know if it's correct or not, but it worked...

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