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General Help Q&A / External Monitor too bright
November 28, 2012, 09:15:14 PM
When I use my HP 2309 LCD Monitor via HDMI, the image displayed on the monitor is so much brighter than the actual recorded file on the card played back on my Computer. Basically, the difference in brightness is like what I would get on the camera display by cranking up the ISO from 100 to 400. I've tried all available monitor settings including brightness and contrast down to the lowest value.

Edit: camera-internal display on my 600D looks pretty much like the resulting file. This only happens on an external display.
General Help Q&A / out of curiosity - video size
July 27, 2012, 04:35:59 PM

just wondering - would it be technically possible, instead of cranking up bitrate and fps, to alter the dimensions of the video recorded?

For example, 2100x1181 pixels instead of recording in 1920x1080? Or 2200x817 pixels? That would be very useful for those without expensive equipment to zoom or pan in post.

"The shutter advice remains valid." Do you mean that's still the recommended setting? If so, I cannot set the shutter to 1/48, 180 degrees in ML 2.3 ...

Edit: 1/46.9, 183 degrees and 1/42.2, 203 degrees are the closest i can set.

On my EF 1.8, the minimum aperture I can set through ML is F2.0. Also, what would be a recommended shutter value for shooting 1080p/24?
I remember I set this to 1/48, 180 degrees as recommended in many tutorials in ML 2.2.

Thanks for any advice!