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" I believe you can change the bitrate in the h264.ini file that you can load in Magic Lantern."

That's the problem; when I try to load the h264.ini file in ML it tells me there is no h264.ini file to load :(
Hey all - just a cpl questions I'm stuck on. I have 6d with 116 firmware and lates1 ML nightly build.

1) I'd like to shoot h264 thru ML but when I try to load h264 it says that the module not loaded. How do I access h264 or install it on ML?
2) If I shoot H264 can I adjust the bitrate  - is it an improvement over stock Canon 6d video recording?
3) If I shoot H264 will it also record audio?
4) If  I shoot RAW will I record audio?
5) don't kill me...but what is the difference between vs


"and audio recording with RAW video is not available yet." May 2013

Is audio recording available yet?
Thanks so much awesome.
Chris! really sick them...but not much recipe in the exif - for example this pic below says 1.6 seconds at 5.6F.

but that is not the story - can you fill in exactly what you did here in the post process as well. like it was to a 4 year old. thx.

Share Your Photos / Re: Dual-iso and HDR samples
November 14, 2014, 12:53:36 AM
Share Your Photos / Re: Dual ISO Nighttime Cityscapes
November 14, 2014, 12:52:36 AM
As good as they are they do not appear natural but HDRish.