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I just tested version 0.16 that works fine!

Downloaded your new version! Thanks for your efforts! It worked fine!

Hi Danne!
Thjanks for you answer.
 I don´t  have the knowledge to compile a version, sorry.


Hi! Thanks!
Here is a link to one of the MLV-files.

I just tested on my mac pro late 2013 aswell, 10.13.4
same problem.

Recently it has worked on my both computers.

Hi! I just tried to export prores 4444 on my Mac Pro (Sierra 10.13.3) it was about 30 files. Tried different settings like fix bad pixel and vertical stripes.
But the MLV app (0.15) crashes after a few seconds under "prepare to export".  The MLV files are on a compact flash card when I tri to export.
It crashes also when I just import one MLV file and then try to export. I also did restart my computer. I also tried the 0.14 version of the MLV app.
Thankful for help.

Best regards

@masc Thanks for your help. I get the same result as you now. I could be mistaken of course, beliving I had checked the box. Maybe I checked the pixel box instead.
Happy that it works. Puh! 

i am on Mac. (i used MLV.App.v0.15.alpha.)

@Danne.  @ Masc
here is link to MLV file.

I zoomed in in MLV APP, looking at the actual MLV file, seems to be burned in the MLV-file.

(i used MLV.App.v0.15.alpha.)

Hi! Thanks for developing this App. Here is some feedback.
I noticed some vertical lines in the blue in this picture:

I had enabled RAW correction and vertical stripes (normal)
I have the MLV App v0.14 alpha. Use it with this build: Latest Build (2018-02-04 01:12)    5DMK3 FW. 1.2.3
Any suggestions on how to proceed to get rid of the lines? Thankful for help.
Best regards Petter

Hi! Thank you for making this software. I think it is super. I tried to process a dual iso MLV-file(HDR video). Is there any specifications that i have to follow when processing an dualiso HDR video file? I had a 1280 50p file from the latest nightlybuild on my 5dmk3. When processing  from mlv to prores the video is still flashing like these unprocessed HDR-videos do. I checked the box "on"  at the dualiso section. Please enlighten me. Best regards Petter

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D MKIII - Chroma Key/3D Music Video
« on: September 06, 2014, 02:21:16 PM »
Hi! Really good video! How do you accomplish 65 frames/ sec in ML?

Hi! I use A 5d mark III with ML for 1.1.3 firmware and a build from the 20th of may.
I recently switched to MlRawviewer 1.1.7 and exported som MLV files. When I exported I noticed these red artifacts in the yellow parts of the workers clothes.
Does anyone have clue why? Could it be a wrong setting? The red artifacts are not there if I look at DNG´s.

See frame here:

Best Regards

Hi! I found it, forgot to enable MLVsound in MLsound-menu.

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