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Some fireworks shot on 5D3 with ML RAW using Cinelog LUTS in Resolve 12 (+ NeatVideo). Testing the workflow compared to AE + what settings would be best to shoot fireworks.

Here are my rec settings for this clip:

General Development / Re: Depth of field display
March 30, 2015, 04:25:13 AM
&& lens_info.dof_far.....  wow!  always learning some new trix here   :P
General Development / Depth of field display
March 28, 2015, 09:22:02 PM
When recording RAW and pressing SET button (or SHUTTER button)  these things happen:
-The Canon graphic overlay appears
-DOF: 0 0
-Aperture info : disappearing!
-Shutter info : staying but unchangeable
-ISO info : staying but unchangeable

-The Focus Distance and Focal Length keep on working like normally...

(I did not get this problem with H264 recording)

Some more experiments:

Changed line 1133 in lens.c to:

lens_info.aperture = lens_info.raw_aperture = 1;

(from 0 value ... trying to track down the problematic zero in my amature-logical way).)

Resulted in a usable DOF info !!  and Aperture info not disapearing but unchangable... Canon graphic NOT appearing.... I have no clue about what this means, or how this code = code = ; works :o


Changed line 1133 in lens.c to:

lens_info.aperture = lens_info.raw_aperture;

same results as above... DOF Display working but the other infos "freezing up". It's now a total different problem than to begin with  :-\   How does this  = = 0; work ??   is it ok to skip it ?

General Development / Depth of field display
March 28, 2015, 08:56:23 PM
I tried this on 5D3 and got the 0cm | 0cm problem... It seems to happen when pressing the SET button WHEN recording (not only in AF mode)... so what is SET doing only in record mode (besides printing the canon overlay) ?  :o
General Development / Depth of field display
March 15, 2015, 11:06:08 PM
Depth of field calculation display above focus distance metering in bottom bar...

I just put the code for this thing online if anyone is interested or perhaps can make it better... merged into ML unified

It looks like this:

I am no expert at this, in fact I only learn from reading the Magic Lantern code itself. Perhaps this addition is not suited for all cameras - (screen resolutions?) I have a 5D3 to test on. Please give me pointers how to make things better (or to get the hell out! ;)

I have been using this DOF display professionally for a year now and it helps alot.

PS: a1ex perfected the code and merged it into ML, thanks a1ex  :D
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
July 16, 2014, 02:33:36 AM
Thanks reddeercity & jimmyD30.... I have allready reached the limits of calibration possibilities with my old Dell labtop, my only real friends here are the Scopes family :)  I guess I am the only one having this "shift in gamma problem" between exports from the older 4444 and the new 4444XQ (the same material becomes a little bit darker, looks like a gamma shift down...). I noticed this when testing the benefits of the new codec. I think I will stay with the old 4444 export workflow untill I get my head around this.  :-\

P.S: perhaps the the CC 2014 (and FCPX) have a different gamma-tag-read than plain CC ??  :o
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
July 16, 2014, 01:04:31 AM
[quote author=reddeercity link=topic=12455.msg122129#msg122129 date=1405464708
Turn the Automatic Gamma adjust tag off in the Codec Setting Drop down box encoder before you encode in A.E. With ProRes XQ.

The RGB & Wave scopes are your friend here, you must pay attention to them
and watch for over saturation .

Yes I tried both on and off in the 'Automatic adjust tag' and I am good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Scopes  :) ...but still getting a shift in gamma  :-X  maybe it's just hackintosh messing with me.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
July 15, 2014, 11:38:28 PM
Gamma shift...
Using the 'AppleProResCodecEmbedded.component' (ProRes 4444 XQ) from Compressor in Adobe CC (PP & AE) there is a gamma shift (at least in my case) compared to exporting with the older 4444 codec. Is this the case in FCPX too ?  Is it possible to add some lines into the Adobe 'MediaCoreQTCodecRulesCC.xml' to change this (I think the XQ codec has the tag "ap4x") ?
hihi, I wish it was so easy on a mac  :o   (or is it ?)
yes, as Kharak says, hardcoding the raw2dng program is perhaps a better solution (if someone can compile it for your system). The changes are made to the file chdk-dng.c in the src folder:

line 194:           static char cam_name[32]                    = "Canikon";
is changed to:   static char cam_name[32]                    = "Canon EOS 5D Mark III";

...if you want to start compiling on your own ;)
You can use ExifTool to mark the .dng files as coming from your camera (5D MKIII). Then ACR will "open up"...

Here you get ExifTool :

And this is the code (I use at least, and works):

exiftool -progress -overwrite_original -r -Model="Canon EOS 5D Mark III" -UniqueCameraModel="Canon EOS 5D Mark III" (foldername or filename to process)

PS: If you use a mac you can put the code into so that he does this automatically when processing the .RAW files. Maybe the windows converters are open to such script changes too ?
dmilligan, your scrnshot module is great ;)