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960x540@24fps is maximum for continuous shooting at the moment, it is not possible to go higher regardless of card speed. Well, you can set lower fps to go a bit higher resolution if what you are planning to shoot does not have much movement or if it's a look you are going for and if you can work with short clips.

Personally after doing my own tests (nothing scientific, just random test shots), I really like the "look" it has but I would say generally there are more disadvantages at this point for shooting a "real" project using RAW on 550d. It's a lot of fun and quite amazing what is possible to do in terms of color grading but there are a lot of things to consider:

I don't know the exact factor, but there is MAJOR crop, it looks like 2x to me, so you have to consider which lenses you plan on using because your wide angle lens definitely won't be wide angle anymore ;). Basically (as I understand it), the 960x540 is cropped area in center of censor, rather than having full censor image resized to fit the resolution (ie: unlike shooting 1080p vs 720p h264). So when using Live view you will see cropmarks in center of image showing you where image will be cropped (very small).

The 960x540 resolution actually looks surprisingly good when blown up to 1080p, but of course it can't be as sharp as real 1080p and there can be a lot of aliasing, so you have to keep that in mind depending on your shooting locations and what is seen in your shots (ie: telephone lines will look very aliased).

It is possible to see clip playback in camera but I think it's very beta at the moment, video plays in b/w and is slowmo.

Then there is the RAW workflow, there is a lot of posts in this thread and many others about it, you will have to do some research there. So far I only tested using trial version of GingerHDR which allows me to import and edit raw clips in Premiere/AE directly without converting. It's a bit pricy for me because I have no interest in HDR itself which is the main point of that plugin, so I don't think I'm going to buy it once trial runs out.

As for card speed I have the SandDisk Extreme 32gb@45mb/s and it works without any problems. I'm not sure the 30mb/s version will be fast enough for continuous shooting, you will have to test and see for yourself. Also keep in mind that 16gb is going to fill up very quickly ;)

Hmm, okay that is all I can think of for now. Personally I find it very interesting to experiment with but there are too many things that could go wrong during a shoot to be worth it IMO, especially on a shoot with actors where there is a need for multiple takes and such. The low resolution, regardless of sharpening you can do and color grading, still won't be as sharp at real 1080p and will be obvious, ie: I would not shoot a commercial that way! I would (and will) use it for more "artsy" projects that I do for myself. To me it looks like something between 8mm and 16mm film, interestingly enough when raising exposure in post adds to this illusion because the iso noise is quite big, almost 8mm grain style. Black and white + blown up to 1080p + additional film grain looks very lovely to me :)

In the end it mostly makes me frustrated that I don't have money for the 5D Mark III, hehe. But still, I'm going to have a lot of fun with it!

Good luck!