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hi guys,

the latest version for 1.2.3 is from 07 Aug. 2014. meanwhile the newest version fot 1.1.3 is from 20 Feb. 2105? Did i miss something or are they some new issues with the 1.2.3 firmware?

Hey Guys,

for a while i wanted to find out, in what proportion the Magic Lantern Crop is at the BMCC 2.5K sensor. So I sat down on our roof for an hour and i tested the lenses that I had. I have to put the most common focal lengths from 11mm to 200m for this cameras.



can you briefly explain, how to use the dual Iso video with ML? do i have to set some specific ajusments?

Quote from: CinematicSyndicate on November 13, 2013, 11:34:14 PMbut what other unexpected issues or advantages did you encounter?
The only issue was the missing preview funktion. The built-in preview with 10fps is not really usable. That's why I could not check if there were camera shakes or if the image was sharp.

The best is here to have a laptop, and the same time to examine the footage, directly in Resolve or with the RAW player. so u can make changes right on the set.

You should also have enough free harddrive space. I shot on this one days 250Gb and I secure my material always two times :)
@Africashot i have made English subtitles for youtube, you have to trun it just on in the player:)

after a long testing time, I finally decided to shoot something longer with ML RAW on my MK3. this is my first project where I wanted to create mood through sound and image. I also wanted to test how reliable the RAW mode is. Answer: absolutely. Of the planned six hours we shot 13 ​​hours. Not a single problem. Only the last image was shot with H.264, but I can write a sperates script alone for this story.

I would be very happy if you leave some feedback about the film. To understand the end I created English subtitles. This you have to turn on in YouTube.
If you have questions about my workflow, just ask.

so have funs while looking and if possible watch with headphones or good speakers. It is also the first project where i make sounddesign.

5D MK3
Sachler Ace

Davinci Resolve Lite v9.1.4

thx to the ML developer Team for this great pice of software :D
Quote from: Redrocks on July 19, 2013, 11:27:48 AM
Pretty much the method  I prefer, but yes Resolve is a minefield. Colour Grading Central and AETUTS have lots of tutorials.
treu and thx for the two tips :)
advance I must admit that I do myself extremely difficult with the workflow for RAW edit. This is partly due to the lack of experience with raw footage and probably also the missunderstanding of it: (So have some leniency for the suggestions and the video here :)))

with the attempt, I had three aims:

1 find a workflow that goes directly and only with the DNG from the cam and consumed as minimal space.
2 a workflow that is not tied to Resolve
3 a workflow that I can do the edit in PP

Workflow 01:
ML RAW - DNG - Lightroom - After Effects - (premiere - no proxy)

If you are familiar with Lightroom, you can very quickly create some excellent look here. The nice thing, with a click, the metadata are stored and you can add the material already in AE and edit Premiere or give further.

Advantage: fast and space-saving
Disadvantage: it is the reverse "normal workflow," because it's almost pointless to make color correction and color grading, without having it created a Raw cut.

Workflow 02:
ML RAW - DNG - After Effects (premiere - no proxy)

It is a step less than the above but in the end the same work and is more like a video workflow.

Advantage: a little faster
Disadvantage: the adobe dynamic link is useless here, because Premiere can not deal with the DNGs
Edit: You can leave the After Effects composition in 8bit. so the direct link will work again but for me it makes no sense to film 14-bit RAW and then edit into an 8-bit space.

Workflow 03 (optional):
ML RAW - DNG - Resolve - Proxies - Premiere - XML - Resolve

Actually, the best workflow of all. This will work out pretty well, but you have to really know what you're doing here.

Advantage: it is the "right" way...
Disadvantages: ... but only if you can

if you have any suggestions, bring it on