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I really don't understand why you all are getting more than 1250 frames, I still can't get more than 800-820 frames and often just 500 :(

Global Draw is off
1280 x 426 (3:1)
1080p mode @ 23.976fps
Sandisk Extreme Pro 45mb/s 16GB

Anyone have an idea?
Quote from: Rewind on June 21, 2013, 10:06:07 AM
Just tried 1280x426 at 23.976 fps — i got 1689 frames on Sandisk extreme pro 95 mb/s
Make sure your global draw is off. Otherwise your card may be a bum.

I also turned Global Draw OFF :/

I just wanted to ask, how did you get so much frames? I had the exact same setup (45mb SanDisk, 1280 x 426 @ 23.976) and I got 820 - 830 frames consistently.

Could you please tell me what your other settings were?

Thanks a lot!