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The 50D build however goes a bit wonky for me. About every 30ish frames I'll get one frame where the bottom 3rd of the frame offsets to the left slightly. This happens in both 10 bit and 12 bit.

What build are you using and which app for MLV>DNG?

Can't reproduce it here.

Channel#16 has the buffer I use for UHD , but I see I bigger buffer at EDMAC#12 that I can try out , lot of info -- need to study more

Show EDMAC channels (EDMAC module settings) and push the joystick up. Does the channel flicker green? If it does you can't use it.

e.g. Ch2 here does flicker green but Ch1 does not.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: December 14, 2017, 02:29:08 PM »
As an owner of a 5D4 I was waiting impatient to see ml raw support on my camera.Unfortunately this is not going to happen as it seems.
I had a 5D3 before and I have used many times raw.Great times!
For me there is nothing anymore to hold me on this forum.Alex and the rest of the team did amazong job in the past but the technology goes beyond and there are new cameras that need imo to get ml support.I wouldn't mind to pay a good amount of money for ML support for my 5D4 and Im sure that most of us would do the same also.
I don't care for 50d, 7d, 500d updates and support... they belong to the past! Every 4 years Canon announces a new 5D, it should be the first camera to receive ML support.
Nevermind it doesn't make any difference...

There is so much here that a1ex, other devs and forum contributors could take issue with but lets just say farewell.

Quote from: a1ex
- without raw video and without photo raw overlays enabled (e.g. global draw off, no other modules loaded)

all logged at 50u

Without LV

With LV

Quote from: a1ex
- with raw video enabled, old method (run it on top of regular nightly or raw_video_10bit_12bit)

still to do

Quote from: a1ex
- with raw video enabled, new method (on top of dfort's modified version)

using dfort mod

Quote from: a1ex
Also, for my own curiosity: log a still photo, short exposure, outside LiveView, with 500us


Quote from: a1ex
(or 1 ms if that doesn't cover the entire process).


Quote from: a1ex
Look at the blue LED to see when it logs and when it stops.

Stays on then flickers briefly before showing preview and 'logged' message.

Quote from: a1ex
Take a look at the EDMAC connections screen as well (Show EDMAC channels, scroll to the right).

Ok. what am I looking for?

Solved lock-ups in and polished it a bit - changes on the "edmac" branch. Merges cleanly into raw_video_10bit_12bit, if you prefer to try it there.

PR open.

Working now :)

Not sure what you need from this but I ran the EDMAC test until it finished and also enabled logging. Uploaded the log files here.

@dariSSight read the last few posts and do not use any 5D2 build that uses EDMAC channels 0x01 or 0x02 for raw recording!!

More research needs to be done.

50D testers - the 50D builds using EDMAC 0x01 should be ok.

Does it help if you increase LOG_INTERVAL?

Nope. Tried 500ms, 1sec, 2sec, 5sec intervals with LV on/off, movie mode enabled/disabled etc and it still freezes.

... Whenever there's green on any of the channels, even for a very short time, that means "stay away from it".

Got it. 0x02 flashes green but 0x01 doesn't. I'm using 0x01 on the 50D so I assume it's safe!?

@dfort this needs checking on the 5D2 with the EDMAC module.

Edited my post because the first image was with movie record disabled ::). See the second image.

The scan says 'seems to work' for channels 2-6, 8, 10-13, 19-22 and 24-29.

Logging still freezes with LV off. Where do I set the interval?

@a1ex - I just compiled the edmac module. Is there anything useful I can provide you from the 50D?

movie mode was off for this:

and on for this:

0x02 looks good and compared to the 7D where the largest channel appears to be 0x10 it makes sense with my findings!? (unless I'm not properly understanding this :-\)

also, the camera freezes when I press 'log EDMAC usage'

@Andy600 - Do you feel lucky punk? Just kidding. Same question as above. Is 0x1 or 0x2 really better than 0x10 on the 50D or do you just want to be different from everybody else?

To put it simply, 0x01 and 0x02 work with every setting and resolution when set to mv1080 but I had a couple of bad frames with a random LV glitch when set to mv640 mode[/url]. I have tested more as @a1ex suggested and, so far, I've had no additional issues. Call it a favorable race condition, luck or whatever but LV and recording on the 50D appear to be very stable when it's set to mv1080 with channel 0x01 or 0x02. I'm still testing.

There appears to be no difference between these channels but I can only test empirically and have nowhere near @a1ex's understanding of how these cameras work. He may well know of good reasons why those channels shouldn't be used.

0x10 has some issues with crop mode recording and glitchy, unstable LV.

I get that it would be simpler for all Digic IV cameras to use the same channels but I think the 50D is going to be a bit different by virtue of it's 'added' movie modes.

1584х on 50D in no crop ? i see only 1568 on my camera  :-\

1584 is because I'm testing 10/12bit with the MLV-Lite module.

mv640 had a couple of corrupt frames but I've recorded a lot with video mode set to mv1080 without issues at 10,12 and 14bit both crop and non-crop. No bad frames or LV glitches. Yes, might be luck but seems solid for me. What can I do to push it to break?

It affects H.264 recording sizes but for raw recording, aside from the couple of bad frames I mentioned, it seems to be the same as mv1080 mode.

mv1080 at all bit depths and frame sizes seems to be rock solid 8). If it can be made to work with the crop_rec module and compression it should be quite good :) (actually, it's already good)

Speaking of crop and zoom, it can get rather confusing. When I was working on the focus pixel issue with EOSM/100D/650D/700D I added this to one of my scripts. The buffer sizes are different on these Digic IV models but the description of the various video modes still apply. We need to concentrate on mv1080, mv720 and zoom modes for the LVState cameras (7D/50D/5D2/500D/550D):

Code: [Select]
# Mode          Buffer Size   Notes
# mv1080      - 1808x1190  -  Uses full sensor area with a 3x3
#                             line skipping pattern.
#                             Not available on the EOSM.
#                             Canon menu setting 1920x1080 24/25/30.
# mv720       - 1808x727   -  Uses full sensor area with a 3x5
#                             line skipping pattern.
#                             Needs to be stretched by 1.67x
#                             vertically - up to 50/60 fps.
#                             Limited to 24/30 on EOSM.
#                             Canon menu setting 1280x720 50/60.
# mv640       - 1808x1190  -  Basically the same as mv1080 mode when
#                             shooting MLV/RAW.
#                             Canon menu setting 640x480 25/30.
# mv1080crop  - 1872x1060  -  High resolution and largest
#                             sustainable frame sizes on all cameras.
# mv640crop   -            -  Not available on these cameras.
# zoom        - 2592x1108  -  Same 5x magnification as mv1080crop but
#                             can pan around sensor and achieve
#                             higher resolution than mv1080crop.
# crop_rec    - 1808x727   -  Requires crop_rec module.
#                             Uses mv720 raw buffer but records in
#                             3x3 line skipping like mv1080.

currently no 720 mode on the 50D.

I tested 1080 and 640 modes with those EDMAC channels and all work although I have just been through all the dngs and did have a couple of random corrupt 10 and 12bit frames when set to 640 mode so it's not perfect. 1080 mode DNGs have no issues :)

Quote from: dfort

You mean 0x1 and 0x02, right?

Doh  ::)

Yes, I mean 0x01 and 0x02

@Andy600 -- Seems logical. Does 0x10 also work on the 50D? Do you find 0x1 more stable?

0x10 works for some resolutions but not others

I get, dare I say, no problems using channels 0x01 and 0x02 at all resolutions in 10, 12 and 14bit. Tried most channels up to 1F. Most don't work and the ones that did (0x0A, 0x0B, 0x03) had issues (corrupt LV, EDMAC timeout etc).

For the 50D 0x01 and 0x02 are the ones to use. I'm interested to see if those channels work equally well on the 5D2. I don't have one to test but I suggest uploading a couple of 5D2 test builds for someone that does (or I can build/upload).

I would like to try pushing the resolution but don't know where to start. The 50D is maxed at 2000*1076 currently (crop).

No skipping or frame issues on the 50D. Tested a lot more today. Recorded 300Gb+ at different resolutions and not had any issues 8).

The LV skipping might be something to do with movie mode!? The 50D doesn't have a dedicated movie mode (it was added by a1ex) so maybe those EDMAC channels are not shared/used on the 50D but are on the 7D, 5D2 etc. Just speculating.

I wouldn't be surprised if 01 and 02 also work for the 5D2  ;)

The 50D seems stable using EDMAC 01 and 02 :D - and for some reason I decided to work backwards from 1F ::)

Tested at 25p and maximum mlv-lite 50D frame resolutions for non-crop (1584*1056) and crop (2000*1076). I've had no pink or torn frame issues and filled a 32gb card with 10, 12 and 14bit raw video.

I've uploaded the EDMAC 01 build here if any 50D users want to try it (entirely at your own risk!! Usual rules apply - if it breaks your camera I can't help!).
Removed to avoid any confusion. Please download from @dfort's repo

Just a thought. If you can compile ML and have one of the Digic IV cameras that we're trying to get working, try different values for this:

Code: [Select]
#elif defined(LV_STATE)
uint32_t raw_write_chan = 0x10; /* DIGIC IV LVState cameras */

I tried everything from 0x0 through 0x20 (this is hex so the count goes from 0-F) so that's the first 32 possibilites. You might notice that there is some code to find free edmac channels but experimenting around I found that sometimes what isn't listed might work better. You'll know when it doesn't work. I only tried it in mv1080 mode so maybe you need to switch to a different channel depending on the video mode?

Haven't used the 50D for ages and had to get back up to speed with compiling ML but there now :)

Are you saying to try all channels? I can't remember how to check for free edmac channels (hint anyone?) but surely it's better to discount edmac channels that are in use rather than compiling ml 32x or more?

Trying to get my head around the architecture - are corrupt frames like I'm getting with your 10/12bit build symptomatic of using a shared edmac channel?

@dfort - Had a very quick look at your 50D 10/12bit build. It's promising!

10bit 1584x856 ok / 2000*1076 (crop) ok - continuous recording on a relatively slow 800x CF card  :)
12bit 1584x856 ok / 2000*1076 (crop) fails with some frame tearing and intermittent pink frames
14bit 1584x856 ok / 2000*1076 (crop) fails with some frame tearing and intermittent pink frames

all 25p

The allocate-raw-lv-buffer build produces corrupt images in crop and non-crop modes.

@dfort and for the 50D if you can.

@dfort - Just ran your build on the 50D and the SRM buffer size shows as 0x1b14000

useful bit of code :)

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