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Well, I wanted to stick with the things that had been well-tested/reviewed by the good people on the forum, so I stayed away from RAW shooting for now :)

Focus Peaking
Cropmarks (2.35:1)
Magic Zoom
Spotmeter and Histogram
Dialed in WB manually, AND used Green/Magenta adjustment
REC picture style (used Tech. Cinestyle)
Display contrast
Rack focus (although I did some of them manually. I found RF a little twitchy)
Movie Restart
REC Key - Shutter to Record (I used a wireless Yongnuo Wireless Radio Flash Trigger, which worked like a charm) thanks red5446 for that!

I think that's most of it. What an awesome thing to have those tools on the 650D.
Hi all - forgive me if this should be posted in a different forum, but I think I may have the (dubious) distinction of shooting the first completed short film with ML on the 650D. Thanks so much to the hardworking developers, to satriani for the nightly builds, and all the help on this amazing board.

The film won the Best Film prize at the Idaho 48-hour film festival - so for you perfectionists and colorists out there - this was a QUICK turnaround :)

Thanks again.
Well, there's how much a noob I am. I thank you. I'm continually impressed with the cordiality on this board. And the dedicated hard work.

Hi thanks - Global Draw is on - greyed out in LiveView, ON all modes; white in QuickReview. The rest of the overlay menu is still greyed out, no matter what mode Global Draw is in.

Hi folks,

Noob question - I installed the pre-alpha (satriani's latest daily build). No problems installing, but the overlay menu is grayed out. I can toggle the options, but focus peaking, magic zoom, crop marks, etc., - none of them work when I toggle them on. I'm in live view, movie mode, etc. Could someone tell me what I'm missing?

I'm in. And thanks nanomad!
Hitting the "thank you" button for nanomad. Thank you for your hard work!
New to the forum, and so excited about the port to the 650d. Keep up the good work - can't wait for the alpha! I vote for focus peaking, as a few others have mentioned.

I'd like to donate - should I donate to ML in general, or to this project in particular? And how do I make a donation?