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woohoo g3gg0 ! if i understand correctly you just gave me an .idc file for the 600D rom ? :)

thanks a bunch  8)

and yea i just sent a pm to a1ex.. i hope he can help me out  :)

Feature Requests / Re: Way to transfer pics to USB device?
« on: December 11, 2012, 12:10:48 AM »
any android device with usb otg (like a galaxy s 3 ) ;)

Hi i recently asked a question about disabling LV exposure simulation on 600D for external flash usage

 ( )

as far as i understand this feature is non-working / blocked on the 600D, but works on the 550D.

im trying to figure out what exactly causes this to happen in the firmware itself, i started by dumping the 600D firmware, and for now only defined the functions i found on stubs.S (using an .idc file i generated) obviously this is next to nothing compared to the 550D .idc floating around which has much more info to work with..

i would appreciate help in any of the following ways that could get me further into a solution :

* a 550D rom dump / a way to extract the 550D rom from the cannon update .fir ( didnt manage to find any working way yet.. )
* an .idc file for the 600D rom dump as 'complete' as the 550D one..
* hints/ i deas on how to locate what the firmware sets when the internal flash is on (what turns off the LV exposure simulation), where to look at
* an example of modifying (in-memory) the internal firmware code from within ML code

i know im kind of a 'noob' here.. but im hoping if i learn enough i could eventually give something back.. its a steep curve but we all start somewhere i guess :)

any help would be greatly appreciated !  ;D

I think you can get any camera firmware from canon europe if they released an update for that camera

so now i just need to figure out how to decrypt/extract the rom from the .fir update? ;)

also if anyone can "donate" me 550D firmware maybe i think i might be able to find out what exactly happens differently with that property between the models..

Francis, no idea... guess its a new cannon "feature"

alex is there any .idc file available for the 600D firmware somewhere? i can only find a 550D one..
or maybe a way to generate one myself from stub.S ?

well, i am a developer myself but this would be the first time i take a shot with this sort of project :)

so im thinking.. for starters,  find out where the original firmware tests the flash unit for compatibility and patch that out.
my question is, do you think that is a viable solution? technically possible ? can ML patch the original firmware code in-memory?
i dont mind going thru the R&D myself.. sounds fun, would be nice if i can get some tips on where to start (is there a pre-disassembled & analyzed  600D 1.02 firmware somewhere? ) and where i can find some code that patches original firmware sections if it has been done yet ?

thanks for taking the time to reply alex :)

hi alex :)
correct me if im wrong but wasnt turning off exposure simulation on the 600D patched out march this year ? (not-working-on-600D)

and about 3rd party flash, i know about the option that basically turns off LV and then releases the shutter.. but that is far from optimal and is really slow..

my aim was more about overriding the cannon "detection" mechanism so it would think its a CANNON flash and allow access to the 3rd party flash option menu..

The point of this is basically being able to shut down exposure simulation on the 600D.. and maybe even making flash work with 3rd party flashes (YN560) in LV mode.

is it possible to "trick" the camera into thinking a "cannon" flash is attached?.. or perhaps into thinking the internal flash is on ? 

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