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Quote from: bouncyball on June 29, 2022, 06:35:37 PM
Also, If you wish, you can export the clip to prores or cineform with "Davinci Wide Gamut/Intermediate" profile and then import in resolve, works nicely. That color space added recently so you have to compile mlvapp from sources.

ah very interesting. thank you for that info. is there a tutorial how to compile the app on a m1 mac? i have no idea how this works..

best wishes.
i found a bunch of old RAW Magic Files on my old HDD. so i wonder if it would it be possible to add the ability to import raw magic files into mlv app?
that would be awesome.

best wishes. Ren
I know that the format is OLD, but i really would need to convert some old RAW files to MLV fromat with my new apple M1 laptop (i dont have any other computer anymore...)
is it possible to convert those files to MLV.

Please help. i tried some tools.. without any luck so far.
Hello my Friends! So to use some old videos, shot with mlv, i tried to convert to CinemaDNG, then i used the Blackmagic Name Scheme. But when i try to import the files to Davinci, i dont get a video file (like years ago) but single frame imports. has davinci stopped cinemadng support? or is there a workaround, to import those sequences?
if they stopped the format, what is the best codec to export the mlv files to work with davinci..?

best wishes. ren

Update. strange, but it works now. best wishes.
And another perhaps handy feature would be a visible control of IN and OUT Points in the bottom area.. (in the ruler)
Best wishes!
this is just an amazing app. THANK YOU FOR THIS!.. this is the missing link between MY CAM - MAGIC LANTERN  and - USABILITY!!
I wonder if it is possilbe to set more than 1 CUT INs AND CUT OUTs. Cause i have a long shot and need to extract multipe scenes from this ONE SHOT File.

Best wishes, and KEEP ON KEEPING ON. sw
General Help Q&A / Re: ML Feature Preferred Card Question
September 23, 2018, 04:10:08 PM
So is there a chance to add such functionality that changes card selection depending on video/photo mode?

Best wishes
General Help Q&A / ML Feature Preferred Card Question
September 23, 2018, 10:25:49 AM

i wonder if it is possible to add a feature (i cant find it yet) to change the preferred card depending what i do ->

Preferred Card for Filming -> CF
Preferred Card for Photos -> SD

This would be nice because i would like to save my photos on the SD card for simpler connection to my laptop, and save the mlv files on CF because of better speed

thank you very much, and keep on keeping on :)
i would not recommend deleting the mlv files.. hdds are not that expensive. just buy a second one and save the original files there.
when the developers make some progress with the conversion from mlv to cdng (mlvfs) its always good to keep the backup files, cause then you are on the safe side.
best wishes, sw

i have a problem with the new version of mlvfs.. when i try to mount a dir with mlv files, i select the mountpoint (same hdd as ever) and then the files start to load (the dir is without idx files) then suddenly the mlvfs mounting points disappear suddenly? is my system broken?
great stuff.
can you explain how you did this opener scene? the freezed scene looks great? how is that made?
thank you
Hello! Great! Could you also make a compile for 5Dmk3 123 :))
thx to all

@dfort: thats shedloads of wonga :))
so i will think about that, but great to have a reference point.

do you know if there are some cheaper alternatives?

thx swinxx
sorry. i dont know what you are talking about.
my need is video with 180degree shutter rule and open aperture in sunny situations, and therefore i need a nd filter...
as i have read 1000ths of posts about which one is good, and which one is not, i am really confused.. some cams work great with nd filters while the same filters destroy the tones of other camera sensors.. so im just curious what brands are others use successfully with the canon sensors...

thx and best wishes. sw
yes that would be ok for me, so what do you recommend?
price range: price/performance should be good :)


as my lcw variable filter broke last month (ugh.. that hurts a lot), i want to ask the community, which neutral density set should i consider? i´m not quite sure if i should get a variable again. i had always problems with the skin tones, and perhaps the issue came from my nd filter..
please get back with some insight in your sets, and let me know which would be the best choice for shooting raw video with my canon?

thank you very much. swinxx
can you send me screenshots from your node tree and lut configuration.. cause i can neither find rec709->linear lut nor linear to gamma 2.4

@nybblr: great shots and great cc,
but dont get me wrong, i do not understand your cc workflow.. when u use your dngs in davinci, which color space do you select for the raw material? rec709 or bmdfilm or bmdfilm4k?

thx sw
General Help Q&A / Re: Convert Raw to MLV possible
August 01, 2015, 01:59:57 PM
hello ml team!

i kindy want to ask if there is any progress in creating such a tool?

thank you

yes this program is great and the support is superb.

but i have one question to all the slimraw users:

so what do you do with the not compressed files?
is it safe to delete them?

thank you.
Hello savideoman,
You can buy mine, cause i dont use them.. @andy600: is it ok if i sell mine? How dowd that work? Do i need your agreement?
General Help Q&A / Re: Convert Raw to MLV possible
June 29, 2015, 05:24:25 PM
Hello i need dngs.. And for conforming reasons i always use mlvfs, but sadly it can only read mlv files. So i thought that it would make sense to convert raw files to mlv files first. Greets
Hello ML Team!

today i tried out my newly aquired vdslr lens with steppless aperture. one shot was filmed from f22 -> f2.8 with aperture.
in post i used mlvfs and turned vertical stripes correction on. please take a look what happened with and without vs correction:

alex or dmilligan: can you take a look and solve this problem, perhaps the analyzing process should start with the last frame?..

thank you very much. greetings sw