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Just get CF->SATA adapter and start experimenting.

"If you want a thing well done, do it yourself"

I have this very mindset too but programming is not my field and it would take way too long to make that happen, i'm working on my upcoming film right now so finding a talented man who knows his craft is my best bet..
I've found him actually, great man, crazily talented and hungry for challenges, i'll let you know how it went!

Thank you all for your answers !!

Some news here, Jinnimag shows exactly how the media restriction is made in Red cameras and things seem way easier than i thought, we just need to write the right line in the S.M.A.R.T. log, more details here :

Please read the comments too, a lot of valuable informations there.. The video is about Red SSD mags but i'm sure that applies to Red compact flash.
Does someone feel ready to accomplish such a feat?

Thank you for your answers, some news here..
I know for a fact that Red are hard workers and love what they do, but some times ago, Jinnitech has opened a Red SSD and found out a Chinese media inside, with no ip or special code nor special way of writing..

Things seem kind of easier i guess if no code has been applied? What you would suggest? I would like to find the detailed informations of my Cf cards, if anyone has an idea (@Reddeercity, i'll try yours), as for the Red one at 2000$, depending on what kind of work you do, it can be a no brainer..
Just remember that it is a heavy beast, and if you are after that old school look you'll find no better camera trust me, that's the reason why i've never upgraded actually..

Ps: Please, let's not make that thread about the polemic, i published this video to help understand what is inside a Red media so you could help me better at finding a solution to my attempt..

Thank you!

Thank you for your answer Lloyd, i'm not a Red fanboy by any means but guys at Red are great people and this camera is 10 years old..
For example, they are about to launch the Red Komodo camera using Cfast and the cards they sell are Angelbird rebranded ones, they say it clearly and their price is even slightly cheaper than the Angelbird non rebranded..
And they listen their customer like no other company, this line just to be fair to them..
As for the initial question, you seem to know the underground programmer scene, maybe can you redirect me? I googled Dskpart help but there is way too much websites and i don't know where to look..

Thank you!

General Chat / Paid job for a Cf card request / Need a crazy programmer
« on: August 13, 2020, 02:22:27 AM »
Hi All,

Red one user here with Cf module, i would like to use 3rd party Cf cards on my camera but because of a firmware limitation, only cropped resolutions are available with "Non Red cards".
I know what some of you guys are capable of, so can someone replicate the Red Cf card code to 3rd party cards so the camera will be tricked thinking that a Red card has been inserted?
Red cards are Lexar cards originally but rebranded with an added code i guess (i'm only guessing), i can provide a card if needed and i will pay for that feature.
Here is an old thread showing the inside of a Red Cf module, maybe that can help:

Thank you in advance all,

All the best

General Chat / Re: Red One Mx camera
« on: January 06, 2014, 11:57:55 AM »
@KGV5, i don't have my 5d3 anymore, but when i'll have one in hand, yes, why not make a test comparison ;)

@Ml Team, is it possible not to hack the Red firmware, but Cf cards.. By making them behave like a Red Cf card?

I know that some old 8Gb Lexar (300x) worked perfectly well with the Red camera (first Red cards were made by Lexar), can you do something about that? It's pretty easy for you i'm sure..

General Chat / Red One Mx camera
« on: December 27, 2013, 11:50:27 AM »
Hello The Ml team, i hope you're fine!

I come from the 5d mark3, and since recently, i have a Red one Mx camera, i know that it's not the place but, here is a thread i've opened on the Reduser forum :!!-Is-That-Real-!!

To resume my request, Red one users with Cf modules has no other choice than shooting with the 16gb Red card because of a firmware limitation (we are able to use third party cf card but @ 2k only, which means a Huge crop of x3), a new Sandisk Cf card (4k designed) has incredible specifications, much more faster than the Red cf card (which is not really hard to make as the Red Card is very old), my question is:

"Can you open the firmware to other Cf cards brand for the Red one camera"?

Sandisk told me that they are ready to give technical help to make that happen but that didn't went all through, let me know guys, i'm sure it's a pretty easy issue for you, you made much more biger miracles by the past...

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: August 16, 2013, 01:22:32 PM »
So, no one?

Really nice grade dude, you did it well .. !!

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: August 15, 2013, 06:31:42 PM »
Hello all, seems like these new KomputerBay are worst than the older ones  in term of reliability..

I'm about to buy all equipment for Raw on my 5d3, what do you guys recommend me (i never installed Ml on my 5d3, so don't know yet how it works)..

-1 sd card (to put the ML file in) which one?

- 1000x Cf cards (i think i will go for 2 Lexar 1000x 64gb, the most reliables am i wrong?)

- card reader (wchich one? I heard a lot about the importance of a good one)

-monitor (what do you think about the smallhd ac7? Does it work well with the Ml Raw, and is it 1080p)?

Thanks for all your replies and have a great day!

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Smallhd ac7 + 5d3, problem resolved?
« on: August 15, 2013, 12:44:49 PM »
Thanks Aaphotog for your reply,

@Kukysimon, did you resolve your problem with your smallhd?

Can you have a 1080p monitor signal whilie recording raw?

Thanks all!

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: July 28, 2013, 11:20:43 AM »
Thanks Ted, did you try it on a 5d3?

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: July 28, 2013, 08:35:50 AM »
So this 1050x card is lottery too right? Damn...

Does someone tested the 1000x v2 ? Maybe results will be more reliable..

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Lens for video...
« on: July 24, 2013, 10:09:21 PM »
Go for the 35 1.4 dude, the 17-40 is too restricted in term of aperture..

F.4, you are fuck**ed in too much situations.. Don't expect to shoot in night with it..
And the depth of field doesn't worth the f1.4 one..

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:28:26 PM »
Can't wait for your tests all, i hope that these new 1050x are not "lottery" and are strongly reliable like a Lexar 1000x can be.. And thanks to KomputerBay for your quick and clear answers, i (and all of us i'm sure) really appreciate..

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: July 24, 2013, 07:24:17 AM »
Hello everybody,

@ Ted, glad to hear that Komputerbay kind of "care" about their customers.. About the "new 1000x ", when will this card be available? And how can we recognize it compare to the old 1000x? (the price maybe)..

I didn't buy my cf cards yet (and i have to do it really soon), so i hope that your tests (and other's) will show us that these cards are reliable..

Have a nice day all !!

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: July 20, 2013, 04:31:11 PM »
Erous, did you solve your problem?

So, people, are these 1050x cards reliable (The 1000x seems to be not)...

I'm about to buy one, which one is the most safe for a 1080p at 24fps Raw, Lexar 64gb 1000x or Komputerbay 128gb 1050x?

I saw the benchmarks in the first post on this thread, results didn't seem to be really good...

What do you guys think?

Raw Video / Re: 3x Crop mode vs Lens
« on: July 19, 2013, 02:22:15 PM »
Good optics are always the key bro' ;)

So (like i said in the first post), a zeiss 35mm 1.4 in crop mode can match a zeiss 100mm f2?

I guess so, but there'll always be something that the crop mode doesn't have compared to a real lens..

Correct me if i'm wrong..

Raw Video / Re: 3x Crop mode vs Lens
« on: July 19, 2013, 01:27:17 PM »
I agree dude ;)

But what i'm asking is, does the crop mode have the same quality than a normal lens or does the image feels like it was shot in crop mode?

And yes, we'll still need it in photo, but i make videos more than photos ;)

Share Your Videos / Re: Raw video shots around NY
« on: July 19, 2013, 01:23:00 PM »
Nice test dude, but the title says "shots around NY", where is located the beach at 0mn43?

Thanks for your reply ;)

Raw Video / 3x Crop mode vs Lens
« on: July 19, 2013, 12:54:46 PM »
Hello all, everything is said in the title..

Let's say, for someone who got a 35mm 1.4, is it judicious for him to buy a 100mm macro (2.0) or the 3x crop mode will do the same job ?

I'm talking about zeiss lenses, with the 3x crop mode, the 35mm 1.4 will become a 105mm 1.4, vs the real 100mm 2.0 macro, what do you think guys?

Does the 3x crop mode can replace a lens or never at all?

Raw Video / RAW: Focus Peaking vs Small Hd monitor
« on: July 16, 2013, 02:47:10 PM »
Hello everyone, how are you?

So, the question is on the thread, in Raw mode, what is the best way to focus a subject? The ML focus peaking or the small Hd Ac7?

I've heard a lot of issues coming out from the combination "Raw mode + monitor", some people say that the write speed decreases when recording in raw, others say that the output is not "Hd" (so, the resolution is no more than 480p), and is the image "late" compared to what the 5d3 screen shows us?

Is the focus peaking from ML is enough or do we need a monitor (recording in Raw of course)

Thanks for your replies all..

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Smallhd ac7 + 5d3, problem resolved?
« on: July 02, 2013, 08:17:32 AM »
Thanks Squig, can't wait for your feedbacks, have a nice day!

Oh, and one last thing, does it work fine with the "Ml Raw"?
Maybe it decreases the speed wright?

And in order to have a 1080p output in lcd, you must download the last "canon" firmware (the 30 april one, which allow an uncompressed output), does that firmware work with the last ML build ?

Thanks all!

Hardware and Accessories / Smallhd ac7 + 5d3, problem resolved?
« on: July 02, 2013, 12:31:01 AM »
Hello all, i've heard that having a samllhd monitor is useless when using a 5d2, due to the 480p resolution while recording..
Is there the same problem with the 5d3? I mean, while recording, can we have more than a 480p resolution (thanks to the hdmi output maybe) or no?

If no, which monitor can allow more than a 480p resolution?

Thanks all..

Hello all, how are you?

Andrew from Eos Hd said that he might have found a way to attach SSd to CF slot...

you should take a look at this  tweet:

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