The big "keywords & tagging" frontend thread

Started by Marsu42, February 17, 2014, 07:39:03 PM

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I recently requested a backend for tagging to xmp files here, alex says it can be done:

So the question is: How do we implement it on the frontend side? To start the discussion, I'll write what *I* want to do with tagging and what approach would be sufficient for me. Feel free to write what you want to do with keywords & tagging so we can start coding.

I'd like to have more than one dimension than just 0-5 rating stars, at least *two* more tags (usually "dupe" and "todo", but let's call them "tag1" and tag2" so I can kickstart postprocessing when back at home.

I'd implement them using the current SET+Wheel code which I just modified to also work with cursor/joystick left-right. 1x Left would add "tag1", 2x Left "tag1+tag2", 1x Right "tag2", 2x Right also "tag1+tag" ... and the thing would wrap around with no tag1/tag2 at all when back.

In theory, tagging could be extended to whatnot, with unlimited custom tags entered in a text field and whatnot - I'd like to get a simple & realistic version that can be implemented by little devs like me, or somebody else also has to pick up coding the frontend.