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Started by ayshih, January 07, 2014, 03:38:12 AM

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Thanks to everyone who helped develop this port. Amazing that it can add so many feature to this body. I'm still learning how to use Magic Lantern but really enjoy what I've played with so far on the 50D.

I actually went and sold my 70D because the 50D beats it in many categories. I was able to get not much less than I paid for a body that might lose value in the next year. Got some great photos with my 50D, interesting RAW videos, and think I can put the money towards a better use.


gothpugs, I first had to update my firmware to 1.0.9 per canon website.

After that I formatted CF card in camera, unzipped all files in ML downloaded zip to CF card, updated firmware from CF card and followed all camera onscreen instructions. It was very straightforward.


You actually sold the 70D for a used 50D?

Pretty brave of you to pull that stunt!

Bet it's because you rather use the CF slot than SD for longer recording times in larger aspect ratio, correct?
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Little 50D RAW Test...

Canon 50D
1568 x 784 (upscaled to 1080p)
Objektiv: Porst Tele 1:28 / 135mm
ISO: 200

SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash 64GB
Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual Slot Kartenleser

Workflow: MLRaw Viewer v1.4.3 convert to DNG + Davinci Recolve


Hi, guys. New to this forum. I have a quick questions for stills shooters. I have a 50D that's been sitting for a year. I'm not a video shooter and wondering if there's any features in ML that are worthwhile for still shooting only? I'd like to have renewed interest in this camera and would like to try out something new.  Thanks for your time...Ed


For stills: raw histogram and raw zebras, Auto-ETTR, spotmeter, Dual-ISO, automated focus stacking, intervalometer, full resolution silent pictures, ghost image (for panoramas), crop marks, focus peaking and magic zoom for easier manual focusing, advanced bracket, DOF info, motion detect, ....


my 50d overheats just by sitting in liveview after 30 minute. I assume this is normal and once i install ml and start recording raw it won't last past 5 minutes. I was thinking of placing a cpu heatsink and a pc fan underneath it. I've heard some people use icepacks, i assume dry ice. Can anyone comment on ideas or experiences. if one had 2 bodies i don't believe 5 minutes of rest in between each one would be sufficient to not cool it .

Also, can you guys specify min pc requirements to edit raw? does one create offline edit then come back in lightroom and grade only the final edited footage?


Astrophotographers do this all the time, do a google search for "dslr peltier cooler"


Camera stays cooler by using a dummy battery adapter too. Any menu settings worth turning on/off for keeping heat down? Thanks.

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Something special about the 50D image though, right? Just has a "look" that's classic, rich, and easy on the eyes. Really enjoy shooting with the 50D. Just hope to get longer recording times without overheating the camera.
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I'm in brazil and there is a lot of fake bateries. My canon 50d battery lasts 1 hour but only with the lcd on. That is, no recording. I found that to be below normal which leads me to believe i have a pirate battery. How long should an original canon 50d battery last fully charged?
Also, why can't i start a new topic?




Are you using it with the 50d and magic lantern? I thought, you could not use any other power source other then original canon batteries with ML or least durring install? which battery pack are you using?


Anyone else recording MLV on 50D? I tried yesterday after long time and it freezes (requires reboot). I tried playing with workarounds for hours, but didn't find anything. Recording in RAW works fine, but I prefer MLV..


Found a video talking about the A6000 overheating:

The video shows how to install a 1mm thick silicone thermal pad from the eBay:

FYI: There is just about enough on the thermal pad to use for two cameras.

Why not try this out with the 50D? Purchased the pad and installed it. Seeing results that last for about a 45 - 50 minutes non-stop recording, with the camera starting at room temp, at the max non-cropped 16X9 resolution. It was 80 degrees when tested. I'm using a Komputerbay 128 GB 1066x card and a battery grip. (The grip may help keep heat out of the battery compartment.)

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Removing the back LCD panel and adding the thermal pad is quite simple on the 50D.

There are two screws on the bottom of the camera. One screw hidden behind the rubber pad by the "Zoom" buttons. Two screws on the side of the view finder (behind the eye cup). One screw that holds that focus adjustment for the viewfinder.

The back panel pops off and there are two ribbon cables that have quick-release attachments to the main board.

Entire process should take about 10 - 20 minutes to instal the thermal pad. It only requires a small Phillips screw driver and something to cut the 1mm thick thermal pad to the correct size. (** There are two main metal plates that protect the Digic 4 Processer and another group of electronics. I removed the shield on the Digic 4 Processor, there are two screws holding this plate in place. The second metal plate can't be removed without taking the camera further apart. Thinking it's not worth the time and hassle.

After 50 minutes, the the camera feels hot. Removing the lens releases a lot of heat. The LCD feels warm to the touch. Wondering if it helps to open/vent the side rubber ports covering the HDMI and other connections? Honestly, the camera, at this temp, doesn't handle well and needs to cool off.

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(Might work with other Canon Cameras as well?)
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Update for Camera Run Time with 1mm Thermal Pad:

Ran the camera for about 45 minutes... The temp stated it was at 48 degrees Celsius. However, the camera turned off and I could smell the electronics having heated up to a high temperature.

Shot 111 GB of footage at 1400 resolution at 24fps hoping to reach 128GB on a single record.

Don't expect to get 45 minutes out of the camera, even in 75 degree temperatures.Suggest something like 30 minutes, at most, then you better turn the camera off manually.

For the test I used a battery grip and had the rubber side opened to help the camera breath. Even still, the recording temps were way too hot.
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I was shooting yesterday with my 50D RAW.
Somehow the camera decided to record the last two shoots only in h264 (1920 x 1080p) instead or ML-RAW.
I took the camera home. copy the files. And got ten RAW files.. but also two .mov files.
I put the card back in, film again. And the camera shoot RAW again. As it should.

I´m 100% sure that i did not change the RAW Settings while shooting. It was point and shoot (hit record)
I was NOT in the ML Menu. The settings was all the same.

Now i will load up the "file system" and have to check after every single shoot if the camera recorded RAW or a mov file.
Anyone else got this problem?


just installed v2.3 stable version and I got a few surprises.
1. when i hit Func over 1920 x 1080p 30fps i only have 3 options. 1080p 30fps, 640x480 and disabled.
2. I don't see any options to enable raw video. Should there not be a M menu for loading modules?

Edit: what? v2.3 does not have raw? i don't get it? is there any stable version that does raw and custom resolutions, frame rates? if not, which is the safest?

Walter Schulz

V2.3 "stable" is no longer supported, it's outdated, will not be fixed and considered to be unstable.



Only nightlies have raw. It is recommended to use the latest to get all recent improvements. As frequently indicated, no ml is 100% "safe" but you won't find many (or any?) stories of actual damage done to date. Whichever version you decide to use, always thoroughly test it before using for anything important.


thanks. is anyone using the 50d in crop mode for raw video? I understand you hit crop + to go above the 1584x rez. It seems i can record 1920x in 2:67 aspect ratio but the preview is not right. How do you see your framing in crop mode on 50d ?  Also, even on non crop once i hit record the aspect ratio changes from 2:35 and i can't see any overlays only the MB/s counter and red rec icon.


I've just added my Magic Lantern RAW video camera test for the 50D in the "Share your videos" section if anyone wants to check it out:


Hi, good afternoon. I´ve installed the magiclantern-Nightly.2016Jul09.50D109 versión on my 50D. All seems Works fine, menú, etc but when I shoot a sesión and delete the files by the 50D menú option " Format"  the camera after delete correctly the files say "Restarting Camera and then the two lights, red and blue stay on and the camera blocked.

Nothing happend if I turn off the camera and I need to extract the batery to shut down the camera.
Put the batery again and all seem work fine ok.

I try with 2 diferent CF cards and the same result.

Thanks in advanced.


I thought I'd check with other users before submitting a bug report. Is anyone else having problems with the last two nightlies? With the new files it seems to hang the camera for me when I format the camera. As usual it says "magic lantern restored :)" but then the new step "restarting camera" executes buts does not complete. The red and blue lights stay on and the camera hangs. It won't restart until I pull the batteries. I'm using a grip. I've tried it on 3 different Komputerbay cards all 1000x.


Does this Lua script work for you?

Either this method of restarting the camera is not exactly correct, or something happens during format/restore that corrupts the DryOS state, causing improper shutdown. The above test should tell which is the case.

A similar test, for those who can compile ML - put this in "don't click me":

static void run_test()
    int reboot = 0;
    prop_request_change(PROP_REBOOT, &reboot, 4);

This does the same test as the script linked above, but without Lua overhead.


Quote from: a1ex on August 18, 2016, 08:42:39 PM
Does this Lua script work for you?

Thanks a1ex
I've never used a Lua script before but it loaded when I turned the camera on. On formatting I got the same effect as before with the camera hanging. Hope that helps and I didn't miss something.