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Started by ayshih, January 07, 2014, 03:38:12 AM

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Will go for it later today or tomorrow evening then -thanks for the reassurance


i heard some rumour that you can override the frame rate on the 50d to at least 35fps and some have said 40fps. can 50d users confirm any of this please.


Quote from: visiono on October 08, 2015, 12:27:02 AM
i heard some rumour that you can override the frame rate on the 50d to at least 35fps and some have said 40fps. can 50d users confirm any of this please.

This is misleading. The software will show more than 30fps but "ACTUAL" fps will remain at 30. 50D just isn't fast enough to go past 30 as far as I know. Perhaps there may be a way to do it at a lower resolution such as 480p or lower. The problem is that canon hardware dictates how fast the sensor can be read. Perhaps an idea would be to implement a crop mode hack that would essentially bring the sensor read area down to 1/2.3" or Four Thirds size. The less area the camera has to read from the sensor, the faster it could capture a frame. To do that you'd have re-write new firmware and that won't happen - from ML. (...unless you write new firmware with linux :-))


Hi, I just downloaded ML on to my canon 50d while trying to use the Raw video feature the camera "locked up" on me. Now I can not access any menu's or take photos. The top display will just flash busy. Any idea how to get this resolved? Any advice would help and be appreciated. Thanks
-Matt Collins

Walter Schulz

Remove card and battery. Insert only battery and startup cam.


Hi. Can the ML make HDR photo in the camera or ML make only a few shots with bracketing? And  need to create HDR file on PC?


Hi there,
I'm trying to get RAW 1920x1080 30p in Crop Mode.
I have komputerbay professional 1000x 64GB card
I'm using RAW Video MLV
Camera captures 9 seconds then skips frame and stops (gets about 270 frames)
What do I do wrong?


Select 23,9 fps so you obtain continuous full hd raw recording, otherwise you cannot keep 30fps for long.
If you think it's impossible, you have lost beforehand


Beware: only in raw module, not mlv raw
If you think it's impossible, you have lost beforehand


With mlv you can get 1920x1080 continuous recording at 20 fps max. If you need higher frame rates you need to select a lower resolution, and upscale the recorded footage in post.


HI I am very new to this Magic Lantern. I have it on my 50D but i do not know how to get the record video yet. Also i just got the 50D used from KEH so i'm still learning where everything  is, its just a tad different from my old 30d. help its one of the reasons i bought the camera


Thanks a lot.
A couple more questions.
1. I couldn't find a right way for framing in crop mode. It's just almost unpredictable.
2. When I run a 5 min benchmark, it shows around 50-51mb/s...   1920x1080 Crop Mode at RAW video (MLV) 69-71, at RAW 74-77  - is this normal? (could it be, if the card is not good?)


Short question:
Would it be possible, to record audio on 50D, by using a USB-Mic (MLV-Rec or H.264)?
If it's not possible right now - maybe it would be a good idea to develop something like this for the new firmware update?

I mean, the 50D is a really good video camera by using Magic Lantern Firmware (especially for it's low price), but the point for most people is the problem of missing audio recording functionality.


Audio is better recorded by external rigs. Even if it would be possible (and it is not) this would lead to a much lower recording resolution and/or quality. If you want you can post this to the features requests thread but be prepared to be frozen almost instantly by the answers... ;-)
If you think it's impossible, you have lost beforehand


Hey all, been a while since I posted on here. I used to do RAW video on my 50D and even used it to shoot a 30min short film, but I got an A7s Nov 2014 and never looked back. My 50D is still in great shape and I have 4 KompuerBay CF cards (all 64gb, 2 of them are 1000x and 2 are 1066x). If anyone is thinking about picking one up or needs some spare cards email me with an offer at:

[email protected]



I loaded the ML firmware on a card, inserted it into the camera, and got this message: "Memory card with firmware is required for update" Can anyone help?

Walter Schulz

If this message is there, you haven't ML's FIR file on this card.
You may want to read first post and install according to instructions.
You have to extract zip and copy extracted nightly build contents to card.


Is it possible to remotely start recording Raw? With the remote



Can anyone tell me if you run The ML firmware update just like you do for the canon updates?

or do you have to do something with the bin file aswell?


Walter Schulz

First page of this thread, first post.
Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 50D.109


So the bin & fir files go on

but what about the ML folder and all it's subfolders?

Walter Schulz


Read what ?

The install guide that I have read makes no mention of the folder, only of the Fir flile and bin file

same with the readme file in the download

same with the first post on this thread

And as the disclaimer says this can kill your camera if you get it wrong, I don't really fancy just "Guessing" Thanks


If you read the instructions carefuly and do what they say, you wont brick your camera.