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Started by ayshih, January 07, 2014, 03:38:12 AM

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 :) Thanks dlrpgmsvc.

This is probably it. I've been using mlv all the time, because in my initial testing it had definately been more stable than raw rec. I've just tried raw rec again. First time approx. 200 frames vs. 700-900 I get from mlv, BUT second try resulted in 1930 frames. The recording stopped probably because the camera was getting too hot. I hope the temperature is to blame for the four corrupted frames I got in this 1930 frames attempt (one totally black, three with pink lines or rectangles and some small black rectangles). I will try again tomorrow. Thanks again.


Great! Let me know!!
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Quote from: dogmydog on May 18, 2015, 01:54:23 PM
Hello Guys!

I'm a big fan of Magic Lantern, been shooting with it on my Canon 50D with no major issues so far.
I'm using Tragic_Lantern_for_50D_Andy600Build.2014Feb01.50D109 (for a bigger resolution on 16:9 1584x896) on LEXAR 64GB, SANDISK 64GB, SANDISK 16GB and TRANSCEND 32GB UDMA 7 cards with VAF Filter.
I'm recording MLV and converting it to DNG using MLV Converter 1.9.1

I got this green cast on my footage:

Tried this fix. It created new DNG files, but it didnt work:

Used: exiftool -BlackLevel=2048 *.dng

Can anyone help me please?
Ty so much!

I actually solved this using MLRAWVIEWER to extract DNG files instead of ML RAW Converter.
I strongly suggest you all do the same on your PC workflow, since the image results are soooooooo much better :)
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I just got a pixelflash brand card (32gb) and it's running at around 70MB/sec; I get around 360 frames/ 15 seconds at 1920x1080.. Am wondering if aligning the partition would boost the performance.. should've just gone with komputerbay


The cards are akways aligned. You must set the buffer to 64 to boost the speed. Also use raw rec and disable global draw
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Thanks for the response - I can't find any thing about adjusting the write buffer - how do I do it?

I repartitioned using 'MB' alignment, via partition wizard, formatted it in the camera and am getting a slight increase in speed; ~74 to 75MB at 16/15k buffers



unfortunately further tests did not bring any improvement. The thing I still do not understand properly is card formatting (I've been using guiformat.exe to format in fat32 with allocation unit size 65536) and adjusting buffer size. 

dlrpgmsvc would you be so kind to explain this in more detail? How do you format on a PC and how do set the buffer to 64?

Have a nice day, everyone!


Quotedlrpgmsvc would you be so kind to explain this in more detail? How do you format on a PC and how do set the buffer to 64?

I second this request, if dlrpgmsvc gets a chance. A quick run through would be great. I've just begun playing with my 50D, and have been trying to compile a best practices list, and have only formatted in camera.


Can't find an answer to this: when deleting raw files from  the card, either in camera or on a mac, the card seems to retain hidden files? These are hidden in both camera file manager and Mac Finder. The space is only released when the card is formated in camera. How can I delete files on camera and free up the space without deleting all the files by formatting? Is this a general issue with other cameras?


ok, I can see that with deleting on the Mac. Deleting in camera from either filemanager or from playback using the trash button, the space is not released until the camera is turned off and then on. Could there be an option for delete to release the space when deleting on camera,  without having to Off/ON? I aim to shoot drama and be able to quickly trash false starts bad takes etc Thanks.


I wish 2048 resolution option would be unlocked -  2.20:1 2048x930 for instance would be continuous on most cards; 2048x1080 could probably record for about 45 secs to 1 minute on a fast card

Bitrate issues aside, is there an issue with the camera that prevents 2048 ?


@robertgl -
Quoteis there an issue with the camera that prevents 2048 ?

Yes. the 50D doesn't have it. The maximum horizontal width in crop mode is, I believe, 2000px but has been limited to 1920. If you cropped to 2048 you'll just have black bars, not image data.
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Ah too bad! Thanks for the explanation though @Andy600


Hello guys, I just shot a video with my Canon 50D using a Lexar CF 32GB UDMA 7 with the latest nighty build (magiclantern-Nightly.2015May03.50D109) and I got A LOT of bad frames.
I've been using Tragic_Lantern_for_50D_Andy600Build.2014Feb01.50D109 on the same card for over a year with no issues, but I decided to test out the last nightly to get benefit from the new features.

Is anyone using a stable nighly with the 50D?
I'm gonna try another card to see if results change.

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Hi guys !

At great request, I'm here to explain how to format your CF card for 50D at his best to obtain the maximum performance on RAW VIDEO.

Card used : komputerbay 64gb 1000x
                  512 Bytes sector size (card bios)
                  64K max allocation unit as FAT3 and as sector size <= 512 Bytes

ML version used : a very old one, so on the new versions the things should be even better. I will test this on new versions and I will report soon !

The trick is to have an "Aligned partition" and to set allocation unit as high as possible (64K is the max, in this case, because camera use FAT3 and the Sector size is less or equal than 512 bytes). How to obtain this ? Simple ! Follow this procedure :

First of all, dowload one of these two tools :

- miniaide free edition partitioner/formatter (miniaide fat32 formatter home edition)

- MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v8.1.1

With MiniTool (but it is similar also for MiniAide) choose "delete partition" then "create new partition" and choose to create as "logical" and file system "FAT32" and cluster size "64 KB", leave the other options as default and select "OK" and then "apply" and "yes". Then "format partition" and choose file system "FAT32" and cluster size "64 KB", all other options leave as default, then "OK" then "Apply" and "yes". Then "align partition" and "apply" and "yes" only if it accepts it and if it don't tell you that there is no need to align because it's already aligned.

Canon 50D
1920x1080 - 23,976fps - 5x zoom
card warmup 1Gb - GD off - All disabled in ML and Canon menu
only FAT32 supported on camera

FAT32 supports 512,1024,2048,4096,8192,16k,32k,64k
(128k,256k for sector size > 512 bytes)
But sector size is hardware determinated by the CF builder, and cannot be changed by software.

cluster size (partitioning)=31k
allocation unit (format)= 32k
80,0 Mb/s constant ML write speed once warmed up
1280 frames recorded as mean value

CUSTOM FORMATTING 1 ====================
cluster size (partitioning)=64k
allocation unit (format)= 64k
81,2 Mb/s constant once warmed up
1600 frames written as mean value

CUSTOM FORMATTING 2 ====================
cluster size (partition)=4k
allocation unit (format)= 64k
81,2 Mb/s constant
1600 frames written

CUSTOM FORMATTING 3 ====================
cluster size (partition)=64k
allocation unit (format)= 1k
35,0 Mb/s constant
80 frames media

All in RAW module, NOT MLV! All Global Draw disabled, card warmup 1gb, beware!
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Hi.  :(
Why are some footage affected by deep green shadow? Only one every 7-8 clips. Like this:

I have 50D, with one of the last nightly build.. I shot with MLV module in crop mode 3x.
Others clips are perfect! I don't know.
Can I avoid it? Or fix it?


ref dlrpgmsvc : both partitioning programmes cited are Windows, can anyone recommend  a similar one for Mac?


Hey dlrpgmsvc!

Thanks for the awesome scoops. I plan to give it a shot in the morning and shoot all weekend.
I have the same card, as well as a KB 32gb 1000x. I'm planning to do both with the 64K formatting.
Appreciate the input.


@dogmydog did you find a solution? I hope to never encounter that.. it would suck!

Btw amazon had Toshiba Exceria 1066 32 gb cards for 44$ shipped the other day. I got one and it's getting about 78-82.1 MB/sec after warming up. Now 59$ though  :-X


Hi guys,
A couple questions:
1. Can't find out how to enable focus box in Live View (not canon's one, but small one with percents next to it)
2. When I switch "Kill Canon GUI" to OFF - it's not getting off, but blinking (partially covered with Live View window)
...ML updated today


I think you may mean the spotmeter, ie with % or Ev etc.


I think, that's right - spotmeter box

AVS anybody here?


Just switch on the spotmeter in the Overlay menu :-)