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Started by ayshih, January 07, 2014, 03:38:12 AM

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I looked back at my notes and didn't realise it was so long ago that I last made a crop mode test. That 2000 width frame came from one of the forked builds in late 2013! Sorry for causing confusion with old information, everyone. I would set 2048 in the menu and get 2000 at about 16 fps!


I downloaded ML 2015-03-29. After using my camera for about two hour i got a blue screen and my camera was blocked. I tried to restart the camera several times but still the blue screen.
I was asked to contact the ML team. How do i proceed ?

Regard Tomas

Walter Schulz

Change cam's date to 02.04.2015 (DD.MM.YYYY)


I'm still highly amazed by the organic and beatiful image this camera is delivering. VAF is a must of course.

I still hope that I will find a worthy successor one day.

Just a frame grab out of Resolve. Dang, JPEG made it look blocky. PNG.


I need to shoot a genuine comparison test to be sure, but it seems to me footage from my 50D does seem more organic looking than that from a recent test I made with my 60D. Even though I was using the maximum full sensor width (though only lasting for about 10 seconds) which is higher resolution than the max res of the 50D, somehow the video looked a bit grainier in comparison (not what I was expecting). The 50D footage has always looked quite film-like; seems there's something about these older sensors that is quite attractive. I bought a second hand 5DII, which is a similar era Canon, for that very reason to experiment further with ML raw video. Since I've run out of money, I need to decide which one I should buy the VAF filter for because I can't afford filters for them all.



I have just started today with raw recording, not very successfuly though. I can not get auto iso working. I set it to auto, but when I go to live view, it stays at 100 or 200 with HTP on even if the scene is severely underexposed, same when recording raw video. Then when I check the settings, I see it reverted to 100, or 160 with HTP on.

Another question: In live view I can change aperture manually through camera body controls and I see the effect on the screen. When recording it seems changing aperture is not possible.

Your help will be highly appreciated!



A little help please

I have no problems using Focus peaking on my 1100d but simply cannot get it to work on the 50d?

It should be working right?...

Thanks in advance



Hi all,

how can I have GD on during rec?
Is it still possible? I cant find any solution



Overlay -> GlobalDraw ->ON ?

Walter Schulz

If you're asking about MLV:
Movie tab -> RAW video (MLV) -> Q -> Global Draw = ON


Thank it!

I didn't see it...has been a long time since I used ML last time...


I have the latest nightly running and I have 'just' noticed a strange thing: although I'll be the first to accept it is not strange and I haven't noticed it before :-)

I like the LV ML menus at the top and bottom, ie not both at the bottom as here they clash with other ML info, eg the depth of field reporting.

It seems I can only get the ML menus top and bottom if I use 16:10 or 16:9. And when I use these the menus sit inside the LV.

In other words on the 50D you can not have the ML menu bars hard against the top and bottom LV edges.

Is this right: or am I missing a setting?


This is actually a bug.

To put the info bars on top and bottom, either enable some overlay that goes on the bottom side (histogram or waveform), or choose a different screen layout (Display menu).



Thanks for the info.

BTW relative to the 5D3, where the menu bars are offset by a few pixels from the top and bottom, on the 50D it looks like about 3/4 of a menu bar depth offset.

It doesn't worry me at all, ie not a high priority item as far as I'm concerned.




Anyone know a relatively solid and recent version for mlv shooting on the 50d?

All the ones I have tried I get corrupt horizontal bars :/



I am on May 3rd nightly and it works well for me - I have shot 15-20 minutes of raw already plus some .mov. Installed following all the procedures, including 50D in M mode with all settings reset to factory values. I am still a newbe with lots to learn.

By the way, can anyone knowledgable confirm that it is not possible to change any settings like aperture, shutter and ISO during recording (neither raw, nor mov)?

Another question crops up in crop mode - as I zoom-in with a lens (camera stationary, tripod mounted) the composition changes, i.e. my stationary subject which has been at the center initially, as I zoom-in slides to a corner. Has anyone got any solution?


I think the 50D has always had framing issues in crop mode; not sure if that's fixable, but it would be nice.

What's the max resolution for crop mode now? Is 1920x1080 continuous doable?  I remember TL could do continuous a little bit above 1080p


Hi guys, could anyone tell if it is possible to change the video resolution in standard ML (H.264) video recording on 50D?
Or confirm that is is fixed to 1920x1080 or 640x480? (these are the only options I find available in the menu)
I would like to use different high res aspect ratio like (1920x1200 or 1600x1200 etc ) 16:10 or 4:3 \ 3:2 if that is possible, think even 1280x800 would do.
That would really help before I got a fast CF card to use RAW .))


@ moomilk: As far as I know H.264 offers just the two modes you have mentioned.

@ robertgl: Crop mode with a 64 GB Lexar x1066, no frames dropped, I am able to get: 1792 x 1080 and 1856 x 1044. Though I've never tried for longer than 5-6 minutes, fearing of overheating.
1856 x 1080 I get a dropped frame after a minute, or two. Do not know, if these are the best results obtainable. Probably not. I would appreciate any remarks from people who get better results on how they do it.


1920x1080 continuous in crop mode on 64gb lexar and komputerbay 1000x here on 50d latest ml nightly build... no graphics or other things enabled
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@ dlrpgmsvc: Did you format your card in any particular manner? Any particular settings, or just ML default and global draw off while recording?

At 1920 x 1080 regardless of settings I try I am usually getting 32-39 s. of recording before a frame is dropped (occasionally a bit less, or a bit more) :( which is in line with the info displayed by ML while selecting this resolution. According to this information my write speed is 72-77 MB/s while I need 82.9 MB/s. for continuous recording.

Forgot to write I am always talking/writing about 23.976 fps  ::)

Any suggestions?


@Grzegorz:: yes, 23.976fps global draw off, video small hack on, card pre-heating on at maximum value, and i format the card off-camera on pc with 64k buffer maximum value. All these parameters makes a gold combination, at least for my experimentations
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Hello Guys!

I'm a big fan of Magic Lantern, been shooting with it on my Canon 50D with no major issues so far.
I'm using Tragic_Lantern_for_50D_Andy600Build.2014Feb01.50D109 (for a bigger resolution on 16:9 1584x896) on LEXAR 64GB, SANDISK 64GB, SANDISK 16GB and TRANSCEND 32GB UDMA 7 cards with VAF Filter.
I'm recording MLV and converting it to DNG using MLV Converter 1.9.1

I got this green cast on my footage:

Tried this fix. It created new DNG files, but it didnt work:

Used: exiftool -BlackLevel=2048 *.dng

Can anyone help me please?
Ty so much!
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@ dlrpgmsvc: Hi and thanks for clarifying. Are you using mlv_rec, or raw_rec?


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