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Started by ayshih, January 07, 2014, 03:38:12 AM

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I have a 50D in the mail on its way to me. I've never used an SLR camera before, but the 50D appealed for its low light abilities and RAW video recording with MagicLantern. I scored it and four lenses for $555 on eBay.

The one thing it doesn't come with is a decent CF card. And after spending several hours reading through the forums, I'm still a little uncertain which card to get. I'm going on a trip to Europe for three weeks, so I'd rather get two in case one goes bad. I'll have my laptop to offload the cards.

Are the KomputerBay 128 GB 1066x cards good with this camera? They're by far the cheapest per GB 1066x and I'm tempted to pick up a pair.

Also, is any USB3 card reader plugged into a USB3 port okay? Or do I need a specific one for specific brands of cards? I've read stories here of disasters, but they seem to involve USB2.

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*Most* readers with USB 3.0 are ok. Some may require firmware update. Others may kill your card. And it doesn't matter if connected to computer by USB 2.0 or 3.0.
You need UDMA-7 compatibility. If you find "UDMA" only: Stay away.
Only exception I know: Kingston FCR-HS3. Nothing to read about UDMA-7 but recommended by KB support.
Other decent readers:
Unfortunatly no KB cards in their lists.


Hi guys,

Yesterday something strange happened to me when i tried to load last nightly build: seems i don't have a complete manual control of the camera, so if i turn suhtter then even iso changes and so on if i close or open lens i changes shutter too.  With the last one seems to change settings on its own just look around with the camera in the room.

I tried old builds and seems are just less problematic. What can i do? Thanks a lot. I'm on "M" mode, of course, i guess there's some setting i have to touch.


Reset all ML settings (or turn off expo lock)


I tried to remove magic lantern with format option, and even by installing magic lantern and then waiting for removing boot flag.
Then i update to official 1.0.9 firmware even the camera was already there, to try to reset it to default firmware.

And then i update with last magic lantern e one old build (casual: 20 febrary).

Nothing, the problem is here and expo lock was turned off, of course.

Walter Schulz

By updating Canon's original firmware you actually won't change a bit. It won't reset camera settings at all.
Use Canon's menu to restore factory defaults and don't forget C.Fn settings.

EDIT: Is there a chance the cam was affected by  humidity/condensation lately?


I don't know how but now it works perfectly. I delete personal seettings so many times, a sort of a combination this time makes it work and i'm happy LOL

Never load a different build, it's from febrary now and i can join this fantastic raw video.
Thanks to all


Hi guys, don't know again if this is the right place but it's about 50d...Took it again, it's fantastic but a few question:

- Bit rate: what should i choose for a good compromise? Have a fast card (komputerbay 1000x), want to improve raw video as possible but with costant shooting. Now i'm on 1.4x, can it go?

- Profile: i'm on neutral, just 0000. Has to set the best for color correction in post, so neutral, but is there something better, or should i touch some parts of neutral? Just an advice, from your experience.

A note: in crop mode i tried to get the best resolution from 2,39:1 aspect ratio (something like 1958*...), camera hasn't stop but then, with internal file manager, and with the file playing, i notice some mistakes, errors, such as "screen tearing" (or just lines..) on certain frames, and "blacklash" (don't know how to say, some frames goes, then seems to stop but i'm the other frame and seems i skipped a part of the video but could be just the internal player of the camera) 

Thanks a lot.


Quote from: Renovatio on March 27, 2015, 05:46:53 PM
- Profile: i'm on neutral, just 0000. Has to set the best for color correction in post, so neutral, but is there something better, or should i touch some parts of neutral? Just an advice, from your experience. ( no computer needed )




Hey, thanks a lot Licaon, think i'll go just with "neutral" as you suggest.

In fact, in that page there's an "UPDATE: Warning to all users of the Technicolor Cinema-style flat-profile! Using the Technicolor style will severely limit your dynamic range", don't think will use it. Thanks.


They want you to use Marvel instead hence the warning  8)

Walter Schulz

RAW and picturestyles? Am I missing something here?


Licaon, a way more to stay just with neutral :D

But I found out there's an option to just go less than zero, absolute zero sharpness: what do you think? On or off? I red that sharpness is better in post, but don't know where's the limit..

Another thing I want to ask is: can we get 2k scope in crop mode? We're so near.. Aspect ratio 2,39:1, its really 1958 in my build, if I remember well.. Just 90 pixels.. 'just'


Uh I thought Picture Styles were for only h.264 needs since RAW/MLV doesn't gain anything out of this... unless we are missing something?
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Yeah that's what I know too, but since s/he talked about styles I kinda missed the RAW part... I thought it/I could help... :D


My fault, sometimes brain's disconnected and in this period was sure picture style could influence the raw footage. Omg.

Sorry about that but as I shoot photos in jpeg cause don't care about post production for photos, good to know all of this. Thanks.

So please can I ask the Max resolution you can get for raw video in crop mode in 2,39? Thanks.

Sorry again  .-.


Renovatio, I think max frame size for 2.39:1 in crop mode is 2000 x 852.


Depending on the framerate one should be able to achieve the following in crop mode (assuming max 70MB/s and using current mlv_rec):

  • 2.39:1    1920 x 804  24p    61.8 MB/s    4.01x  eff. crop
  • 2.39:1    1792 x 750  30p    67.3 MB/s    4.30x  eff. crop



Two different things, and three with mine :D

The max i can get with my build right now is 1984*830. Crop mode, sure.

So we can get 2000*852? Which build? Thanks a lot


2000x852 is 2.35 not 2.39.

Also the x resolution must be a multiple of 32.


I see, but if it's so maybe you can set an higher value on 2,39:1.

Can you check it for me, please? Thanks


Well the issue is that the next higher value you can set in mlv_rec after 1920 is 2048 - which is too much for the card interface.

Here the max. achievable frame sizes in crop mode - if the card plays along:
2.39:1    1920 x  804  24p     61.8 MB/s     4.01x eff. crop
2.35:1    1920 x  818  24p     62.9 MB/s     4.01x eff. crop
1.85:1    1792 x  968  24p     69.5 MB/s     4.30x eff. crop
16:9       1728 x  972  24p     67.3 MB/s     4.46x eff. crop


Yes but if you push the higher resolution, camera will set the best it can, so the best is 1984*830.

I'm on 2,39:1 because for cinema is so near to 2k scope resolution...

Thanks anyway

Hey guys, any news on 60p for 50d?
EOS M (was 600D > 50D)


@Renovatio: I forgot about the max. crop buffer size, which is 2000x1080 for the 50D - so yes if you set 2048 it will fall back to the next multiple of 32 below 2000, which is 1984. So 1984 is indeed the achievable maximum.