Canon 7D Mark I

Started by Pelican, December 20, 2013, 02:57:02 PM

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Hallo Walter!

Bitte entschuldige meine Fragen.

Angenommen ich habe nur eine ML Karte und die ist
dann defekt, kaputt oder verloren, was mache ich dann?
Einfach eine neue Karte erstellen und FW-Update durchführen?

LG und DANKE aus Wien

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> User Guide -> Install Guide


Hallo Walter!

I have installed ML yesterday. Works nice!
Lets see about the future ...

Is there any chance in the near future for
the 7D to get headphone monitoring?

Thanks for help and kind regards from Vienna


Hi! :)
I used always 64Gb cards till now. Now i would like to try a bigger one.
Does Macboot work on a 128Gb Card? Are there other app to make the card bootableon MAC? (sometimes Macboot doesn't work fine and i have to re-format many times - Maybe and old version? :o)

Thanks for help and kind regards from Italy.

Walter Schulz

Read first post of this thread.
You can use MacBoot or you can run firmware update making the card bootable.


thank you, I just want to be sure before buying it.


Hi everyone, I'm hoping that this is the right place to ask :) My 7D used to record RAW/MLV no problem until a few months ago. I've been using my 2 Komputerbay 64GB 1000x CF cards since Dec 2014. Now it says both cards are unreadable. Can't even format them in camera. They both work fine in my 7D2 and I can read/write to them using my Transcend TS-RDF8K USB 3 reader. The 7D firmware is 2.0.3 and as far as I can see, nothing has changed with the camera itself. Anyone else experience this? Thought on how to fix? Thanks for any suggestions.


Sounds like an incompatible format type on the cf card. Or some activity done on the 7D2 has caused it to be incompatible with the 7D.

Suggest that you take one card and reformat it to default ntfs settings on your computer then reinsert into the 7D. If the 7D recognizes it,  reformat in the camera. Make the card bootable and reinstall ML from the latest nightly.
If that works l'd also suggest having separate cards for each camera.
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I've only heard of ML yesterday. Tried to look for a specific answer to my question in the UM but I'm not it's there.
I have the 7D with 2.0.3FW. There are no options to set anything regarding mics. I hear the 2.0.5 have some controls but if there are any at all at the 2.0.3 I can't find them.
I've made a video recording with a mic straight to the camera... it was nearly unusable! So much noise.
My question is double-fold:
Will I be able to control the camera's pre-amp with ML?
Will it be better than using something like the Tascam DR60D-MII ?
Will it still be better to use both?

Thank you


Hi Ottoga, thanks for the suggestion. I did as you suggested, but it didn't work. the 7D still says 'Change Card' I had tried to format to MS-DOS with the OS X Disk Utility, but when you mentioned NTFS, I thought maybe I needed to get a different app to do that. I downloaded a trial of "NTFS for Mac OS X" and formatted the card to NTFS. Same result. I do appreciate the help :) Merry Christmas


Is there a way to get the EOS Utility to work with the latest nightly yet? I like to try to use the laptop as a monitor through the EOS.


Can't find any downloads for Magic Lantern on the website. Only Nightly Builds. Am I missing out on something?


Nightly builds are the download...
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I also only looked into ML for the first time last night and installed it on my 7D today.  I was particularly interested in the dottune feature, but it doesn't seem to have this tool afterall.

Am I missing something?  I have done a brief search here and did come across the following post:

"Any news when the dottune module will be avaible for the 7d?

[edit] nevermind, was able to use the from the 5d3 nightly build :) awesome work, thanks
« Last Edit: December 31, 2013, 09:59:36 AM by r4ptor »"

Am I to believe from this that the ML software for the 5D Mark III can be used on the 7D?

Walter Schulz

If there is no in your 7D download something went terribly wrong. Download once again, check contents in ML\modules. Delete ML directory from card and copy nightly build over once again.


Oops, my mistake!  I hadn't looked for it in the right place.  It is there.  :)


I have try to record sound with raw (MLV)  but i don't see the .wav files in the card. I have switch on in canon menu and in ML, i can see the levels and everything is alright, i hit record and then wend i going to see the files in computer nothing is there, no wave files =/ 

It's not working in the 7D or im doing something wrong?


Did you forget to enable MLV sound in Audio setting within ML menu?
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Quote from: arrinkiiii on January 10, 2016, 06:47:12 PM
I have try to record sound with raw (MLV)  but i don't see the .wav files in the card.

The .wav files are embedded in the .mlv wrapper--you won't see them on your card unless you run MlRawViewer on them. For some reason that program extracts the .wav files and leaves a copy along side the .mlv files. It is ok to delete those .wav files because the ones inside the .mlv files are still intact.


That's correct, @dfort!
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wowwwww  damnnn i thought on that but... Thats why one time i have soo many wav files outside of the mlv files, wend using MlRawViewer...  thanks for point that out.

I almost never use sound in camera but i bought the new rode wireless mic and want to see/experiment the ratio/noise floor using the audio amp's of camera. Since i have deleted all files, tomorrow will try again =)

Thanks dfort and deafeyejedi  =))


Guys, i have install the last version and still have the pink color in the highlight that are blow, special if you are pointing the camera to the sun, in old versions i never have this issue. Any recommendation beside not pointing the camera to sun?

I now that BlackMagic and Sony cameras have this issue but with firmware update they fix this (i think).

Here a jpeg

and tre DNG 


I want to sell my 700D and buy 7D. Inportant for me is RAW recording, 7D MKI record full screen (1728x972 with 67,1mb/s in 24p) movie in unlimited time? What with stability of software? Some man of FB movie group says that ML destroy his card.

Walter Schulz

He is sure it was ML and not Canon?
Cards in CF-slot get hot if driven with RAW data all the time, that's for sure.
1728x972@24 is not a problem with a fast card. Temperature can be. Full exposure to sun on a hot day may cause trouble.