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DNG to ProRes
« on: January 04, 2014, 03:19:10 AM »
Fastest quality encoder that uses Adobe Camera Raw engine and then converts the DNG sequence straight to Prores HQ 422/444.

Here is what I would like to do

1. Convert .RAW files from CF card right to separate DNG folders per clip. and put a 50% preview proxy video in the folder (Cineform probably since its almost instant)
2. Open the first DNG file in the sequence and do the corrections needed. (then close photo shop)
3. Open a utility/converter where i can select the DNG folder and it will read the first DNG as the master and then link the sequence to the rest of the files in the sequence.
4. have Conversion options for different ProRes or DNxHD formats that will convert quickly(not like AE which takes FOREVER compared to other converters)


The best case for me would be to have an app that can look at the CF card, pull the first frame from the .RAW or .MLV files selected.. then open them in Adobe Camera RAW editor (in photoshop or on its own if thats possible) and use them as the reference correction.  Once done correcting, press DON on ACR and close photoshop. And go back to the app and press "convert" and it will do whatever extraction required in to a temp folder and then convert to a ProRes file into a designated destination folder.

I've been trying out Bachelor, RawAnizer, EyeFrame, Lightroom, AE, Photoshop, Go Pro Cineform, Raw2DNG... just haven't found something worth using for quality to speed.  If Cineform can take a RAW file and convert it to cineform 422 at about 100fps or faster I'd hope the find something that could use the Adobe camera RAW editor and convert it to ProRes at something like 30-50fps instead of 5-10 fps.

Please help.
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