Author Topic: 15 year old Australia Photographer "7 Europe countries A 4k time lapse "  (Read 1765 times)


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I was recently on a vacation where i was lucky enough to visit 7 European countries over a period of 5 weeks. While i was there i made this short time lapse film! - enjoy in ultra HD 4K quality by selecting original on the bottom!

i have another short film being uploaded on the 15th of January, it is a 2 minute Singapore 4k time lapse! make sure to subscribe to me for more videos!

magic lantern is a life saver! i shot this whole time lapse film just with my 5dmk 2 and a tripod with out magic lantern i would had to pay for fancy intervelometers and more to be able to pul some thing like this! magic lantern completely simplifies my life thank you so much to every one on the team of magic lantern!!!